Love, Light and Life

... more than a devotional



And now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love. I Corinthians 13:13 NKJV

Have you realised that love is the essence of our Christian walk on earth? This is because the love of God defines how we should do every other thing which we do. While we preach to the lost, we should do so with love. While we prophesy, we should prophesy with love. 

While we teach, we must teach with love. While we give corrections, we must do so with love. Are you mature in faith, then treat those who aren't yet mature with love. Everything we do in faith, should be done in love. Why?

Because love is the character of God. Everything God has ever done, and will ever do, has been with love. Don't let another passion which isn't the love of Christ lead you. Your action may be right, but love will show you how to do that right action correctly.

Let love lead. Let your heart be filled so much with the love of God which is already poured into you (Romans 5:5). Love is the essence of our Christian walk. And without love, you could be doing the right things very wrongly. Let love fill your heart and lead you.

Prayer: Dear Lord, I choose to love. I thank you for your love which is in me. I choose to walk in that same love towards others. Not quick to anger or to condemn, but quick to help others see the light of your love in Jesus name. Amen

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