Every relationship that will last must involve a few important things. 


Your time,






If these things are missing, then that relationship is not going to pass the test of time. 

Our walk with God is likened to couples in a relationship. 

Many times we claim and profess our love for God but then we have other things sharing our attention. 

We starve him of our time.

We give more attention to other things that long to draw us away from our Lover. 

Under the New Testament economy, the Church (the body of believers) is the bride of Christ. 

Unfaithfulness is synonymous with adultery. 

The world around us presents all sorts of enticements to lure us away from the narrow path that leads to life. 

We must resist this and ensure that our focus, fancy and attraction are towards Christ and Him alone, to avoid everlasting disgrace and regret.

In as much as every believer proclaims their Love for God, 

it should be with a consciousness that God is a jealous God and will take away anything that would want to take his place no matter what it is to avoid a Courting disaster.


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