When I first met my wife, I didn't see fire. I didn't see brimestone. I didn't see anointing. I didn't see Rhema. I didn't see vessel. I didn't see dimensions, portals and INEC, divine pathways and Luftansa airways.

I didn't meet her on a mountain doing 90days fasting and 91 days vigils.

I only saw this gorgeous photo attached here on her Facebook profile and admired what I saw, I did not kill myself looking for thrones and drones first.

I saw. I admired. I advanced.

By the time I got closer through honest and sincere friendship, I got to realise that all the anointing, Rhema, dimensions, portals and virtues of a good woman I was searching for in Sokoto were resident in her shokoto. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over. 

Through careful friendship, and by me also being a carrier of the Spirit, I could discern that she is a treasure house of God, and this gave me abundant peace to feel safe pursuing a relationship with her. 

Fast forward to this day, all protocols of anointing, honour and virtue she possessed never diminished, but instead increased with wreckless abandon.

What I'm trying to say is; try and change your profile picture, please I beg you. That photo you took since the independence in 1960 is outdated, try and change it.

Remove "adieu mama", "adieu papa", and "adieu elders" that is long over due from your profile, even the dead will want you to move on with your life. 

Some of you have different kinds of animals and symbols on your profile; lions, tigers, flames, church banners, crusade stickers, mount camel, mount zion, and mount horeb posters. It's so bad that when prospective suitors come to your profile to say hello they end up asking you where the next crusade is holding, my sister why?

We have to tell ourselves the truth even though we are believers and spirit minded, men are attracted to what they see before applying other protocols of convictions.

If you're really interested in joining Meet & Woo challenge coming up next month start taking pictures that represents you well. 

We walk by the Spirit but we approach by sight. Selah!




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