Some people are just filled with so much hat€ energy that every one around them, whether online or onsite, becomes a bullseye! 

(In part, I blame it on the economic state of the Nation. Sad)

Stop letting your depression be the reason why you transfer aggression to another who's not aware of your situation.

Minister Deborah Paul-Enenche is kissing her OWN HUSBAND, and you're angry?? I mean, you're angry? I'm trying to understand the heights of bitterness!

Even the kiss was just a "simple" one - you know what I mean! 

She's not the only one who has kissed her husband and had it published online!

Wetin una wan hear na bad news!
Wetin una wan see na bad news!
Wetin una wan read na bad news!

All of a sudden, all the *deputy Jesus, 25th Elders, holders of the 12keys of the 12gates of the New Jerusalem and wielders of the ancient scrolls of the 4beasts will appear* ----- shame!

In a world littered with so much discouraging news about marriage in the brackets of divorce and breakups, believers are lambasting other believers for portraying the godliness, joyfulness and workability of marriage --- that enjoyable and durable marriage is still very much a possibility!

If she begins to post pictorial excerpts of her philanthropy, mentorship impacts and ministerial successes, some will still tongue-lash her with the blah, blah, blah of "let God announce you...let not your right hand see what your left hand is doing..." 

Sincerely, I understand your point you want her to understand, but also understand that your point is a town hall, different from Bala Blu, bulaba Blu Blu.....


©Apostle Nebai Ogbonna

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