Lord I am yours,

I surrender My life to you,

I will do what you want.

Lover of My Soul,

My soul says yes.


You are Glorious,

You are Alpha and Omega,

Creation bows and worships you.

I will do what you want,

Bright and Morning star. 

Someone may ask,

What is wrong with this song?

When a song fails a major song writing principle as THEMATIC STRUCTURING it becomes a failed song.

First off,

The song began with a theme of consecration and evolved into the theme of adoration. This is a pure example of what is tagged "DISJOINTED THEME"

In song writing. There is something called the THEME of a song. Which happens to be the very heart and message of the song, and the principle that guides it is the PRINCIPLE OF UNIFORMITY. Which states that "The ability of a song to drive Home a message is latched upon it's Unity in theme".

When writing a song, bear in mind you are preaching a message or at best telling a story. Just as it is pure disorderliness to begin your teaching on Faith and in the middle of your teaching till the end you begin to talk about Wisdom for Finances. 

You can't just put words and melodies together anyhow all in the name of song writing. There are key principles to follow.

Thus, your song has to be done with a uniformed theme. They must be interconnected.

There are 4 CORE things that makes a song pass the test of GOOD SONG WRITING. There is so much to know about song writing. I will be doing more teachings and trainings on song writing from 6th - 8th of March.

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Hope you Learnt something?


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