Right from creation, God demonstrated His interest in and value placed on the marriage institution and the family, by being practically involved in its institution. He did not simply speak it into being as He did the beast of the field and the fowls of the air. He carefully put it together step by step.

.....However, marriage and family life, a thing of joy, pleasure, and high esteem at creation is now treated by many as a necessary evil and looked at by some disdainfully. "Those in it want to rush out and those outside want to rush in," they say. This has resulted in the fast disintegration of the marriage unit and subsequently the family.

....Your marriage and family life is meant to bring you tremendous joy. But not all couples are enjoying their marriages. In fact, many are facing constant crisis and terrible difficulties, and God is not unaware of this.

That is why He inspired me to write this book. 

In this book therefore, we will explore the subject of marriage, and see that it can work, just as God designed it to, bringing honour, pleasure and satisfaction. 

The excellent taste of every soup is determined by how it is prepared. It is not enough to have all the required ingredients, you must know how to correctly put them together before you can get the desired taste. The same is true for marriage. What your marriage turns out to be depends on how you make it. It is therefore your responsibility to make it work!

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