Standing perfect and complete in the will of God the state of being perfect means without fault and weakness.

Colossians  4:12b "Always labouring fervently for you in prayers, that ye may stand perfect and complete in all the will of God."

The state of completeness means 100% commitment.
The will of God is very important and paramount to every believer that wants to live a fulfilled life.
As a child of God, how can you be comfortable in acting out of God's point?
If you are the type that acts on impulse, then your believe in Christ needs to be questioned.

If you allow factors or pressures like environmental, physical, economic, social etc to influence the decisions you make, then your Christianity needs to be questioned.

Before you can stand perfect in God's will, the first question you should ask is :
"Are you aware of God's plans and purpose for your life?"

Are you certain and sure of what God is saying currently about your life?
Until you identify and know God's will for your life, you will not be able to walk perfectly in it.
Not knowing God's will for your life will make you walk in the wrong direction.

What can a brush do without the painter?
what can a pen do without the writer?
what can a clay do without the Potter?
what can a fish do without water?
Acknowledging God is one step to walking in his perfect will.
You should acknowledge God because he created you and he was the one that designed your life from the outset.
He has the sketch of your entire journey in this life in his hands.
Why not run back to the Creator?
He will hold your hands,  guide you and help you to walk completely and perfectly in his original design for you.

Elizabeth ✍🏾

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