Gospel Minister Steve Crown took to his media handles how that God saved him yet again.

Its no news that many false stories has risen against Gospel ministers.. Either death, a controversy or something negative this year.

The "You are great" crooner would have been part of the tragic story if not for discernment and Gods help.


On 10th March 2019 I boarded Ethiopian airline, flight 302 Bowen 737 MAX from Nairobi heading to Addis Ababa.. to join a connecting flight from Addis Ababa to Abuja Nigeria after a successful Program in Nairobi.

On arrival in Addis, we disembarked & joined an Ethiopian Airline flight Heading to Abuja Nigeria.
On arrival at the Nnamdi Azikiwe international airport, Abuja Nigeria, We began to hear a trending news of a plane crash in BISHOFTU  shortly after takeoff from Addis heading to Nairobi killing all 149 passengers board including 8 Crew members.

I couldn’t wait to get back home because of d shock. On getting home I turn on the TV. It was all over the news and I checked my boarding pass only to discover that was the plane we boarded from Nairobi to Addis that had just crashed while returning to Nairobi with passengers on board.
I was in shock for several weeks, I couldn’t even speak about d incidence to anyone out there except my immediate family, & d fact that I’m an introvert didn’t help matters, because I am not someone who talks too much or put out everything on social media.. so not many people are aware dat I used that flight shortly B4 it crashed.

I began to reminisce on how God has been faithful& miraculously keeps us alive & safe, because most of us reading this are frequent travelers by Air, by the nature of our work or ministry, I will like to emphasize that “we are not any beta than victims of air-crash.” 
Sincerely, my heart goes out to all the families affected by this unfortunate incident.

While in my thoughts & thanksgiving to God in my closet, God began to tell me I have preserved you for my Glory.

I Received this song ALL THE GLORY before this incident but it made more sense to me after d PLANE CRASH God delivered me from which I share with you again today.


Sincerely behind every song i put out there in the public space.. is From a place of a deep encounter.
I will never take you on a journey I have never gone through.

I believe many of us have mind blowing testimonies of how God came through for us in strange, impossible and difficult situations ..ALL THE GLORY is sure a PERSONAL song for everyone.

ALL THE GLORY - drops 7PM tonight

- Steve Crown

Do not stop praying for Gospel ministers, as we trust God for next year.

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