To ensure that we represent what we say we are and what we say we have, we live like and by its principles, we make our beliefs part of us we make it a lifestyle, we put them on as garments, making it plain and evident.

Notice, that when these are revealed and recognized, first it defines your identity,

it shows who you are, 

its significance is seen and appreciated and its purpose is achieved.

 As believers, 

Now there are varieties of gifts, unique potentials, abilities, unique graces, and distinct techniques, that need to be brought to the open, made evident, unveiled, revealed, and uncovered; which are requirements, very essential for the furtherance and easier working of a given task, set goal, vision or mandate. 

When these things are brought together and put in motion, it's said that these abilities are made manifest.

This unveiling process is a necessity for all believers in fulfilling the mandate.


it is a command, 

it is a wake-up call, 

it is a call to show forth, 

it is a beckoning by the spirit to all those who:

Having developed the required necessities needed to show forth the lifestyle of Christ; to bring to open all they have been taught hence, having what to manifest. , 

A beckoning screaming "Put on your garments''. 

To those who have been at ease who have lingered too much and as such being awakened to rise,

A beckoning screaming  "awake".

To those who Are living the life already, charging to keep on operating until Christ be formed and until the kingdom is seen. ...

It's with a loud voice that this call is been made, 


Put on thy garments, Show forth.

Having subscribed to the life of Christ and entered into a covenant with Christ,

As embodiments of the spirit of God, we are Mandated to show forth as the world awaits earnestly for the Manifestation of the Sons of God. 

For it is better to have not subscribed to this life than do it and not keep to your part of the vow.

NOW IS THE TIME, You have waited for so long!!




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