If animals can, humans can do better!

Having flesh and blood running through our veins does not make us human really.

Some animals are more human than conscious-thinking humans.

 Give a helping hand to people that genuinely need it, it won't reduce you even if it does at least you are helping a soul and lifting his or her soul. 

I could recall what happened to a friend of mine last year, he was desperately in need of a charger to charge his phone because he'll be having a test in 1 hour. His charger got spoilt four hours earlier and he quickly ran helter-skelter to find help.

I rushed into the room of a guy seeking his help with a charger and explaining why he needs it urgently.

To my surprise, the guy refused to lend him the charger because, according to him, if someone else uses his charger, the charger won't work for his phone. 

Well, I realized that it could be true. Abi, I've seen some instances like that before. Hence, I couldn't blame the guy. However, what happened next shocked me and swept me off my feet.

Someone else entered the room and requested this same guy's charger and he gave it out immediately.

Do you know why? Because they both attend the same church but my friend attends another church.

It nearly brought tears to my face because my friend couldn't do the test that day, and there wasn't a makeup test at all. 

If the only stimulus that triggers you to help others is if they are in the same religion, calibre, set, denomination or race as you. Then you're not yet human.

The love for humanity is what makes us all humans.

You're first a human before you are religious

You're first a human before anything 

You're first a human before you got the certificate(s)

You're first a human before you got that status.

Show love to humanity irrespective of the set, gender, religion, tribe, colour, etc, this is one of the bases of being human: so that we can help each other.

If animals can, humans can do better.



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