"COME YE FORTH, SWEET WIFEY" _Allyson Hyacintho

I learnt this some time ago and it changed my perception towards the spouse I was busy asking God to meet.

 I knew I was bad, so bad, messed up and drenched of some vital Godly values. I knew that I needed to change alot about the man I was, and the Lord impressed on me to start praying for my spouse in the same way. 

I was the "COME YE FORTH SWEET WIFEY" prayer marathon guy. 

At every prayer moment I kept praying; "move, descend, advance, come forth, approach me, cut loose and let me locate you, disengage,  dislocate,  dislodge by fire!!!!" .. there was no form of Incantatious prayer I didn't pray before I met my wife. 

But the Lord said to me one morning; Son, the way you are calling forth your spouse to come, if I call you forth towards her just the way you are; broken, in a mess,  with gossip friends, you that haven't even settled in one church, you keep swinging left to right every Sunday. If you were her and I call you forth in that mess will you be happy with the man that would come forth?"

That was the point I gave up some prayer points I was uttering without proper understanding.

Look dear singles, don't get me wrong, these calling forth prayer points are not bad at all, they are great, its wonderful to call things forth and set them loose towards you, but pray for your partner with understanding before calling them to appear, else you will end up calling forth an unprepared, messed up spouse, just like you. 

And do you know what happens when two right persons meet at the wrong time? They love amiss. 

Many times we have called our partner forth and not recognized them. Cos we called forth someone who has not even started working on his/her temper and jeolousy, let alone having them under control.

So the moment they come forth, we are expecting to see a calm honest disciplined and gentle partner, but lo, here is someone with some serious temper management issues they don't even know they have a problem, let alone working on it.

When two right people meet at the wrong time, DESTINY is wasted!

Learn to pray intentionally guys.. before calling forth make sure you have called forth godly fruits to fall on your future spouse.

 Makes sure you have prayed concerning the normal everyday things that goes on in his/her life.

 Pray for his local church. Pray about his friends. Pray about her addictions, her health. Call forth common sense to fall on them first before asking for a divine arrangement to happen. 

Simply put, look at yourself, your issues, your mess, your fights, your struggles,  then pray for your future spouse like you are praying for yourself. You will see that your prayer points will begin to have purpose.

Listen, most times, God shows you the challenges your future spouse is encountering right now through the challenges you are facing in your own life. 

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