You need to listen to me aunty,

It is totally okay to decline his marriage proposal at the mall if he decides to go down on his knees with a ring to propose without working on those nonchalant and ill mannered character you have always been complaining about in secret.

Normalise saying no politely. 

Avoid complicating things with his ring on your finger. 

If there are things that needs to be worked on before marriage can come in the picture, stand your ground and insist on seeing progress on that attitude before accepted to wear his metal. 

You have to be wise. Most men will pull the public engagement stunt on you because he knows you can't say no. Many of you ladies go crazy when you see lights and camera, you just suspend whatever common sense you should have, because a guy is singing you a love song with a ring in the presence of your friends.

Before you accept that proposal, no matter there it's done, in private or in public, ensure you are also sure that he is the man you want to spend the rest of your life with. 

Look, don't gamble with destiny, marriage is a one time thing. Don't accept a proposal with a hope that he will change, that's playing tumbo tumbo with your life. 

I'm not saying you should expect a ring from a perfect guy, no one is perfect, but there is a certain level of progress you shouldn't settle below, and this is the whole Gospel.

Don't wear that ring if he is still stuck in his masturbation ways.

Don't accept that ring if he is still deep into pornography. 

Don't accept that ring in the hope that proposing will make him stop cheating!

Don't accept that ring with claims that your faith will stop him from chasing other women.

Don't accept that ring in the hope that he will stop hitting you.

A wise woman would collect the ring but will only wear it on the condition that she sees the progress and efforts he is putting into making the necessary adjustments that needs to be done. 

Secondly, after accepting the ring, ask him when he plans to proceed with the wedding.  

Don't be quick to post pictures on social media.

Don't be quick to flaunt your ring on your WhatsApp status. That is how you will flaunt ring for 2 years until it fades on your finger.

If you are not sure the wedding is happening soon, do all the 'awwwwnnn' you want to do as he proposes, but keep the announcement private. This is how you put yourself under unnecessary pressure for nothing. 

Every engagement or proposal MUST HAVE A FEASIBLE DEADLINE.





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