A person is mostly defined and addressed by his handwork.

The works of your hand are that by which you live on.

The work of your hands is your engagement.

Almost all the lifespan of a man revolves around the work of his hands.

That determines the labour you're ladened with.

The works of our labour are capable of bringing forth fruits and the fruits are by the kind of work laboured upon.

 The fruits determine the reward thereof for every labourer is worthy of his wages and he rewards the works of our hands.

Many have laboured yet fruitlessly 

Every labourer needs strength and wisdom to work.

The labour that is not blessed is a mere struggle in futility..he blesses the works of our hands

We must therefore labour  for that which is blessed and shall be fruitful

There's one who yokes with the right labour; "for my yoke is easy and my burden is light" Jesus.

A work, therefore, laboured without him becomes a heavy yoke 

What's the work of your hands?

By which burden are you ladened?

 _when you're remembered by your works, what shall be written of thee_?


_✍🏾 Pastor Chibuzor Daniel

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