🎗Hi, you, 

keep watering.

Yes, keep watering, it is just a matter of time.

In the eastern part of the world, men plant a tree called the Chinese bamboo tree.

During the first four-five years of watering and applying fertiliser, there is never a feasible result, not even a sign. 

You water and fertilise over and over again but there is never evidence that something is happening. Frustrating right?

However, in the fifth year, fertilisation and watering take place as usual. As this happens, the tree changes dramatically within a 5-6 week period, growing to a staggering ninety-fifth tall! 

Amazing right?



Are you seeing yourself in this inestimable lesson from the tree?

It was never magic!

Growing up 90ft tall within 5-6 weeks was never a product of that period. It was something that has taken place through perseverance, consistency, determination and intentionality.

Maybe, you have been building for a long time, you have seen others engage in the harvest and it seems to you that nothing is going to happen again.

Maybe, you have been doing a lot, praying, fasting, investing and reading books all in the bid to become a great version of yourself, yet nothing is forthcoming.

Listen, begin to see yourself as the Chinese bamboo tree. It takes time but it pays to wait!

Many of us have been watering and fertilizing our lives. Yet, there are no feasible results and we are almost giving up.

Please, don't give up. Can you water a little more?

Yes, men are beginning to do the wondering and questioning game, asking why this is that or why that is this, do not listen!

The assurance you have gotten is that you know what you have planted.

Just be sure of your seed because that is what matters.

Keep watering in faith.

Keep becoming.

The sacrifices you are making for that relationship, business and career would show with time, keep adding fertiliser.

Let them keep questioning you, mocking you and laughing at you.

It's just a matter of time.

Charles Hadden Spurgeon said and I quote "With perseverance, the snail reached the ark"

Just to remind you or let you know,

with perseverance, you will get there.

With patience, you would reach there.

Let us not be weary.

Wait and behold your efforts spring forth into something bigger than the human mind could comprehend within a short time.

So, I beseech you this day not be discouraged in your watering process, for in the due season, the Lord will make out of you a wonder.

You are, shades of wonder!

I am Faith Agi

I teach and write to hearts and hands to save souls.

Hope this blessed you.

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