Prosperity is not just having money, it's a state of well-being which you enter into through the covenant of abundance. 

You will find it! God will give you a supernatural escape from every discomfort of life, in Jesus name! 

So come with me, as I take you through this outstanding teaching, packaged and delivered for your flourishing. I have enough proofs to make you listen to me! 

This is the hour of your prosperity! Your struggle must end this day! This is going to be the most explosive and most fulfilling time of your life! God sent me to enrich His people, not by tricks but by truth! 

I'd like you to make this confession: 

"This is my hour of prosperity. The way to it is the Word of God. I am set for the Word of God. I am set for encounters in the Word of God. I am not going to live my life as a beggar. I am going to be a blessing to my generation. I am not going to be an abuse to creation. Lord, I'm ready. I'm not looking anywhere else, not even to myself. I'm looking up to You. 

Help me Lord! In Jesus name!" 

I see the mighty hand of God picking and making a mighty man out of you. It shall be so for you in the precious name of Jesus!

~ Pastor David O. Oyedepo

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