When you know and understand this,

Men's opinion of you wouldn't matter.

What men think about your family wouldn't matter.


On a certain Friday, I was outside my house including my mom and my junior sister doing some house chores when something very interesting caught my attention.

I looked to the place and saw a locally brooded cock and the non-locally brooded one which is typically called (Agric) in combat.

At first, I felt pity for Ajebota's cock  probably due to the general belief that Ajepako's cock is more powerful than the former. 

I lose hope for the non-locally raised cock when I saw that one of its legs was tied to a stick which was quite heavy and which to me would in no doubt make movement impossible for it.

I asked, "Who is the owner of that Cock?"  I was told that it belongs to our neighbour. Fine!

Hardly have I finished getting the reply when I saw to my surprised and the surprise of others the Cock which we have earlier regarded as Ajebota and powerless beating the other mercilessly. 

It was such a fascinating scene to behold.

What got me awed the most was the agility in which this particular cock was putting in just to ensure that the opponent didn't win. 

It got to a point when I thought if the situation is not looked into, the Ajebota Cock might peck the Ajepako Cock (Locally brooded cock) to death. So I asked my Kid sister to separate them but she bluntly refused. I guessed she was enjoying the scene. 

However, the combat continued not until the Ajebota Cock got the stick which I initially thought would be an additional reason why it wouldn't win hooked up to something in the nearby bush.

Immediately, the other cock began to take its side of the pecking which it hasn't been able to do earlier.

The non-locally brooded cock was eventually set free from that which has given its opponent an edge to pecked it but it was too late as its owner took it back to where it was initially tied and of course it was tied down back.


There are many moral lessons from this short story which I would love you to engage with.

Firstly, Do not lose your confidence just because it has been generally accepted that you can't do certain things in life.

Many will look down on your capabilities and things you can do maybe just because others in your line e.g Family, School, Community, State or Country have done it before and failed.

That other did and fail isn't an obligation for you to fail too. It isn't!

You just have to ensure that you are who you are Irrespective of what the world is saying about your family or a particular group you belong to. What the Word says about you is that which is necessary.

The word never said you are a failure. So, you aren't a failure.

The word never said you are weak. So, you aren't a weakling.

The Cock was what it was. Though not human so it was unaware of all the verdicts and conclusion that have been made about the particular species it belong to. However, it is very important to note that it wasn't defeated by the other one because it chooses not to be.

You can never be subjected to the condemnation of the world until you give them a legal license to do that to you. Yes! Your condemnation is not in the hands of anyone. Therefore, you aren't condemned but if you embrace condemnation, it will embrace you better.

If the cock has been defeated, our guess must have been right and we wouldn't be in any way surprised that it was defeated.

When Moses sent men to view the land that the Lord said he would hand over to the Israelites, only two (Joshua and Caleb) were seeing possibility where it was seemingly impossible and as for others, the gap between them and the possibility they ought to think of was not less at all. Why? Because they all chose to look at the problems not the solutions to them.

Refused to conform to general verdict or conclusion. This calls for the need to be who you are and not allow defeat in life.

Secondly, do not allow the additional challenges, problems or obstacles to make you sign up for a defeat.

Being victorious is a great thing to be and it is worth trying. However, there is no way you can conquer it if you don't let go of those additional problems that are there to hang around you. This demands that you Focus your attention on the opponent to be defeated on the battlefield and not the distractions around you.

This scripture confirms "No man that warreth entangleth himself with the affairs of this life; that he may please him who hath chosen him to be a soldier." 2 Timothy 2:4

Beyond surmounting the general saying of the public or what they think you can't do, you should be able to deal with other additional challenges coming to be an obstacle. 

That is what the cock did. It looks beyond the heavy stick it was tied to by focusing on how to defeat the opponent on the battlefield.

Inadequate Finance, Lack of Motivation, Low support from closely related people, Procrastination, Laziness, Inconsistency and the rest might come to weigh you down. You must look beyond them, and find very powerful strategies on how to deal with them while you keep moving.

Also, it will get to a point where things might not be going on as smooth as expected. 

You might get stuck with humanly or Non humanly agents. At this point, it is not the time to give up. 

This is the time to be more fierce, encouraged and determined.

This is when you got to admit and understand that it has not been your ability and power all along but God's grace.

At this point, the opponent e.g Projects, Goals, Career, Ministry might be giving you frustration. 

Just let go of yourself and allow the maker to tackle all for you.

What people think of you shouldn't make you.

Obstacles, Challenges or Checking Points shouldn't stop you.

When things seem to be getting more darker and frustrating as you journey, do not forget to admit God's grace upon your life.

Do not forget that the source of it all has been Jesus and must be Jesus; the author and finisher of your Faith.

You can't do all these without making God your priority.

Trust me, you will be glad you did.

Also, never underestimate or overlook anyone on this earth. You might not know what they carry until they carry out what you can't carry.

Above all, do not forget that you are your breakthrough! 

Thanks for taking the ride.


©️ Faith Agi

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