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*As Church Gist clarifies some trending statements on social media with facts.

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Evangelist, Dr Uma Ukpai has embarked on the construction of a multi billion naira Prayer City Centre at Isiugwu-Ohafia, in Ohafia Local Government Area of Abia State.

When the 120,000 capacity magnificent prayer city is completed, it would be known as Greater Ohafia for Christ City, while the grounds accommodating the sprawling auditorium, would be called Uma Ukpai Prayer Cathedral. Disclosing this while performing the ground breaking ceremony at Ohafia, Dr. Uma Ukpai said on completion, the project would become the largest prayer auditorium in Nigeria, going by its capability to accommodate 120,000 persons during crusades, prayers and other gospel events to be held there. The Uma Ukpai Prayer City, he said, would comprise auditorium, lodges, car parks, access roads and other mindboggling structures

To ensure quality delivery, the man of God said the project will be handled by a reputable Italian building construction firm, Habitat Universal Concept Limited; with Fabrizio Cardilo as the project contractor and Signor Ndubueze C. Kanu as the country director. ChurchGist.The project is set to cost $250million or about N125 Billion.

“The land,” Ukpai noted, “would serve as a place where God will reconcile repented sinners unto himself.”

A major donor to the project, Emeka Oke Nmaju, who donated  371 plots of land to the Greater Ohafia for Christ project, described Dr Uma Ukpai as a selfless servant of God.

Whilst the new project is set to become a major reference in Christendom, it is set to join others as major points of reference in Christianity.

Recall that Church Gist recently announced the construction of Deeper Life Conference Centre (DLCC) Auditorium Project, a 127,500 mega auditorium that has been on for 4 years.

Also, Salvation Ministries is on the verge of dedicating her 120,000 capacity Hand of God Project subject her finishing touches which include power supply to the facility among others. Church Gist.The Project which is reported to have cost over N57 Billion and commenced around 2010 along with DLCC stand out presently as the largest church auditoria projects in terms of size. While the DLCC is a twin auditoria or 2 in one auditorium, Hand of God is the largest single church auditorium globally.

Along with these is the Ark which is the largest church building or church structure in the world. The 109,000 capacity Ark Project is unique by many parameters. The project is estimated to be about $300 million with an overflow facility of about 102,000 before completion including the 50,000 capacity Faith Tabernacle is an ultra modern mega-wonder which is a legacy project of Bishop David Oyedepo led Living Faith Church aka Winners’ Chapel International. The Ark with a span of 304m is the structure with the largest building span in the world.

According to Bishop Oyedepo, services at the Ark will commence  with 2 Services as the present location, the 50,000 Faith Tabernacle has become too small and will now be the overflow.

(Note: Faith Tabernacle was the largest Church Auditorium in the world from 1999-2015.)

The Ark will be unique with the following parameters:
Largest Church Building/Structure in the world
*Structure with Largest Roof Span in the World.
*Basement for 330 cars completed and convertible to 44,000 seats as desired.
*Mission Towers of 12 Floors.
*1,200 toilets (Faith Tabernacle has 240 Toilets)
Travel time to Toilet and back to seat is 7 minutes.
*20,000 capacity children church
*109,000 capacity auditorium 
*88 vormitories
*Vertical transportation: 129 Travelators, elevators and escalators 
*The Ark has not experienced stoppage in construction since Foundation laying on 26 March 2021 except for builders to attend Shiloh.

According to Oyedepo, the Church has No sponsor and no loan.
*Does Not stress on members to give.
*Has not called for offering since the project started apart from the initial call of Shiloh 2015.
*while Faith Academy (the Church Secondary School) cleared from the Ark grounds and relocated near Covenant University at the cost of N4 Billion ($8 Million)

The Total cost of the Ark project according to Biodun Fatoyinbo is well over N100 Billion ($200 million).

The Ark project is also estimated to be completed before December 2023.

The Deeper Life Conference Centre also stands out in many ways.
Church Gist had stated some of these in her news update on the project last year and will repost again for enrichment of followers knowledge based on our witness mandate:


*You are going to see something international, the standard of God’s vision declares Pastor Kumuyi.

The Deeper Life Bible Church is undertaking construction of the ongoing Deeper Life Conference Project. 

The Deeper Life Conference Centre (DLCC) is situated at kilometre 42, Lagos-Ibadan Expressway. DLCC is a minimum of 362.71 hectares or 895.89 acres.
According to the Church, Pastor W. F. Kumuyi’s vision of physical development as a factor of church growth gave birth to this project. Church Gist.The Centre has been described as the City of God’s people where men, women, youths and children will look up to heaven and receive spiritual help from God. 

The design is somewhat similar to Salvation Ministries’ Cathedral though larger.
Some highlights are the ultra modern twin auditoria (2 in one)  with 127,500 total capacity, a 6 Floor Tower Complex with 4 Wings, hostel accommodation for male and female members as well as banks, a library and Fuel Station among many others.

The adult auditoria are built to take  127,500 participants in a single programme.

Due to the size of the complex, two major dual carriage ways (about 2.25 kilometres each) from the gate run parallel to each other along West-East axis and are linked up at strategic points with dual carriage ways labelled alphabetically. Church Gist.The road network, sidewalk, bus stops, breakdown parks, and the car park are being upgraded and are all designed to ease human and vehicular traffic congestion.

The adult auditoria are in-between the 2 major roads. Each of the 9 main adult auditoria fanned out from the sides of a hilly semi-circle rostrum, on a straight line, to a distance of about 250/ 50 meters (820/164 feet) at least. Church Gist.Thus, the auditoria are accessible from almost all sides in the complex. The youth camp is located to the right and the children camp to the left of the adult auditoria. The residential areas are located some distance away from the auditoria to preserve the serenity concomitant of wholesome and deeper communion with God.

Besides, the structural design of DLCC incorporates modern and wonderful facilities for the comfort of participants during programmes. This includes accommodation, water treatment/boreholes, sewage treatment plant, cafeteria, kitchen, satellite sales points, exhibition centre, and welfare block, communication tower/outfit and electricity. For instance, power is supplied through electrical conduit for both internal and external electrification. The streetlights in the conference centre make it a beautiful city. Church Gist.There are stand-by power generating sets equipped with Auto Mains Failure (AMF) mechanisms. It is intended that when the project is completed‚ a bank, fuel dump, library, etc would also be located at different points for the benefits of participants.

Speaking as recently as Easter Retreat in April 2019, Pastor Kumuyi spoke to members on the need to develop it from the present state to an ultra modern facility including a minimum of 3 star hotel standard for all members. He admonished members to give towards the project, saying it will cost billions of naira from members to complete the project.

Speaking, he said 
.....”Our leaders all over the world met recently. They came over here and they went around this complex. They went everywhere, and then they came back to have a meeting together. Church Gist.And they said all of us, we want to raise this Deeper Life Conference Center to an international standard. And we are planning. We are planning for hundreds of thousands even more than those who are here and that everyone will have at least a three-star hotel accommodation. And you will not be on the side of the road, or there or there. You have not seen anything at the DLCC here. And they said we have a DLCC or we are going to have a DLCC of God's own vision and we make that our own vision and it becomes something international. There is one prayer I’m praying for you. Are you ready? I said there is one prayer I am praying for you. Are you ready? You will not die before that time [Amen]. Your eyes have seen the beginning of DLCC, you will remain alive [Amen]. Church Gist.Every sickness, every disease, every infirmity that will knock at your door before this DLCC is completed I command come out in Jesus name. You have seen DLCC when it was, you know just like this. You will see something. Something international. Accommodation- all those tents there, they call it white house, they call it green house, they call it a beautiful house we will push them aside. And within a short time you are going to see something international. Church Gist.We’ll have accommodation for our ministers, accommodation for our workers, accommodation for our newcomers, accommodation for our guests, accommodation for international people, and it's going to be a great thing in Jesus name [Amen]. But now, where will the money come from? Are we going to go to the cement industry and say Deeper Life is building DLCC donate cement, donate iron, donate this and donate that? Where will the money come from? The money will come from you. Where are you? I say where are you? If you don't have any job now because of this DLCC, I proclaim in your life, job come in Jesus name [Amen]. For the sake of the Lord and for the sake of this edifice we want to build, a new level of prosperity will come your life [Amen]. Church Gist.A new level of inheritance will come your life [Amen]. All the people that are owing you here and there for the benefit of proclaiming the gospel here internationally, all those people will pay you in Jesus name [Amen]. Where your prosperity is hiding, the Lord will open the door, he will supply all our needs in Jesus name. We are not talking of looking for millions, we are talking of billions. But that billion will come [Amen]. I said it will come  [Amen]. In our districts, in our groups, our leaders will be talking to us and you will even beyond what you have now, you are going to give, in Jesus name. The Lord will prosper you [Amen]. I see that we even have to extend now our car pack over here because those who have been walking and walking on their bare feet you will stay before your steering and you will drive into this camp [Amen] and our newcomers you are not left out of this. You Church Gist.have become part of us now, the Lord will enrich you and the Lord will bless you and everyone we are going to be part of this in Jesus name [Amen]. Why don’t you just raise your voice to the Lord on this particular issue, I'll be part of this, I'll be part of this, I'll be part of this, I'll be part of this, I'll give, not just thousands, I will give millions, millions, millions . I will give cheerfully, I will give wholeheartedly, I will give, I will give, you will give and the Lord will prosper you. And then not only are you are going to see a Deeper Life Christian Centre of international standard on this end, God will give you mansions in Heaven” he concluded.

Since the project kicked off by the last quarter of 2001, members of Deeper Life Bible Church at home and abroad have continued to support it through their financial contributions.

On completion of these above, others, such as the 75,000 Great Tabernacle of Apostolic Faith Mission at Faith City, Ifbesa will join the 100,000 capacity Dunamis Glory the 6 largest church structures not only in Nigeria but in the world at large.

Glory to God!


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