Greetings to you brethren,

It's a great thing to be at the feet of Jesus once again.

Can you indeed begin to worship God's name?

Pray in the spirit and with understanding.


To God's glory, we would be looking at a very interesting topic titled "LET THERE BE LIGHT"

Through the help of the Holy Spirit, he laid so many things in our hearts from the focus Scripture which was Mathew chapter 5:14 where he said of us that "...We are the light of the world..."

We are not to be the light of our homes, churches and offices alone.

Yes, we are the light of those places but God needs us to see and get a bigger view of it. 

He needs us to spread our tentacles and get our capacity beyond those places and be a light to the world. Hence, the call for such a demand.

It was a command that originated from the book of Genesis 1:2-3 which says "The earth was without form and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep...". 

The state of the earth was emptiness, nothing to write home about.

It was void!

Thereafter, we were made to understand that the Spirit of the Lord keeps hovering over the face of the deeps. 


It was hovering because there was no room or place for the Spirit to settle.

The darkness was too much for the spirit to accommodate. Hence, the spirit couldn't settle.

God saw this and it was a capital "NO".

For there is a need for change, this is not normal!

There is a need for transformation.

Due to this, God placed a demand on the earth saying "Let there be light..." and immediately, there was light.

The Bible says "God saw that it was good..."

This is the picture of you in God's agenda.

That is how God called you forth. 

This is you in his plan.

He said "Let there be you" and then he looked at you and the declaration was "Good".

So, when the enemy begins to make it look as if you are nothing, go back to his word which said " You are good".

Go back to the word which says "You are wonderfully and fearfully made of God."

It's time to rise.

Isaiah 60:1 says "Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the LORD has risen upon thee."

Henceforth, you would no longer live in darkness.

It would not be heard that you remain in a state of confusion and stagnation because the glory of God has come upon you.

With God's presence comes his glory which portrays his light.

You begin to shine in that business, workplace and society.

Oh, you shine beyond those areas because there is a need for maturity, capacity and expansion.

God would not need us to take him to those that are within our vicinity alone. He called us "the light of the world".

He would not need you to speak to those that are within your territory alone.

He desires that you spread your tentacles across the places you stay.

He would need you to bring clarity to every life you come across.

He would need you to be a source of light to those souls in darkness.

He would need you to rise from your comfort zone and be a light to your generation.

He would need you to live so that others would keep on living.

How then shall all these be if our lives seem to remain in a state of perpetual emptiness?

How shall all these be if you still choose darkness over light? 

This is the time to walk in that reality. 

It is a beckoning which you need to respond to.

Let there be light is God's command to you.

God's voice over you is all that matters.

"Let there be light"

This is not commanded by your past mistakes or current state.

God has decided to call you out of darkness into his marvellous light. This is enough!

The earth before the arrival of God's light was formless and void but God's command changed the narrative.

Light break addictions.

Light break fallacy.

Light brings change.

It is happening to you now.

You rise above every entanglement.

You rise above hurts and guilt.

You rise above confusion.

You rise above pains and distress.

That relationship, home, career, ministry and business experience God's presence now.

You shine forth greatly!

The spirit of power, love and sound mind is made manifest in you.

You see his light now upon you and all that seems to be in dark.

Clarity is set upon you!

Let us pray!

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Teaching by Faith Agi

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