This is a language laced with fear, doubt, uncertainty and frail decision.

You must have found yourself resolute loudly "I would need this, if possible".

Perhaps, not recently, you have gotten a business deal with " If possible".

What is it all about? and why do we even need to be exposed to the tendencies that hang around this word? 

Let us take a brief description.

"If possible"

This is not a statement of faith but one anchored by sight.

This is a statement that allows one to dwell in the valley of excuses, clinging to every possible human tendency.

"If possible"

The statement has made men of passion retreat into a state of complacency.


One day, I picked up my daily diary to check out the things we have worked on together so far. 

I was caught and intrigued by certain fits of course. However, I came across a request I made a very long time ago which made me pause.

As I steadily focused on this great request, I discovered that it was ended with "If possible".

Immediately, I stumbled upon that request and saw what I ended the request with, I was convinced beyond doubt that I rested so much on the "If possible".1

I depended so much on it that I couldn't find a way to tackle what I ought to.

I rested on the sleeping bed of "if possible"

It watered down all dedication and enthusiasm.

"If possible"

It wouldn't allow you to put in more effort.

It embraces so much the path of complacency.

It rides and takes the habitations of unruly conditions.

It dines on the tables of uncertainty.

Provided you could deal away with "If" and go with "It is"

Yes, It should be from now on "It is"

Don't be double-minded about those things which you are set to work on.




Act it.

You can deal with a normal level of things you should achieve through and by God's strength.

I know now better and have decided to tread the path of "it is possible" not "If possible "




_Faith Agi

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