When they want to break up with you and they don't have the boldness to do it like someone who has sense, first they start keeping their distance.

Then they stop calling all of a sudden. They stop texting or trying to communicate. They'll see your chats but won't reply.

They can be online for hours but won't chat you up, the same coconut head that said they can't live without you few months ago. 

Next stage is to form busy, this one works for them everytime.

Too busy to hangout, too busy to visit. I'm working late. I'm working early. They start avoiding you on purpose, come for second service. They won't honour your quality time, they don't even have time for you anymore, moving from one excuse to another. 

It's all a breakup tactics, because they don't have the mind to call it off to your face, they try to use the frustration tactics, a ploy to get you tired of the whole thing and call it off yourself. They do this because they don't want it to look like they are the one that broke your heart or ended it, they want you to make the decision to end it yourself, so they can say you were the one who called it quit. Very childish behaviour.

That's not even all, the next phase is to start making suggestive comments, something like; "My mother said, my father said, my Pastor said, etc"

Immature partner's will try to use someone else to fund their motive of breaking up. They want it to look like they love you and all, but their parents says no, or their pastor says no. Meanwhile those figures are innocent in the whole matter, childish things adults do.

The worst of all are those that say they saw a vision, or received a prophesy that you are not the one, or that the marriage will not end well if you continue. I laugh, same folks that said they got a conviction and confirmation about you before coming, same guy that was shouting God spoke to him that you are the one. Same lady that said an Angel appeared in her room and called your name seven times.

The critical phase is when they start saying some nonsense things like;

I need space.

I need some time alone.

Let's love from afar.

Let's go on leave.

It's not you it's me.

It's not me it's my ancestors. 

A spiritual wife disturbing me.

I want to go on a seven years prayer retreat, yet you see them posting and chatting on Facebook and WhatsApp. 

How difficult is it to just be honest with your feelings? If you don't feel the same way anymore,  just tell your partner so they can move on. It's witchcraft to move on months ago and leave your partner hanging, waiting for you to come to your senses, meanwhile you already left the relationship with your senses three months ago.

Babies who want to get married!




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