IS YOUR MENTOR A ROBOT? _ Article by Peculiar Emmanuel


Is your mentor a Robot?

Many people are just interested in carrying their burdens and problems and heaping on their Shepard and they don't even bother to ask if the Shepard is OK.

You expect 100% attention
You expect 100% prayers
Yet 0% commitment
Yet 0% appreciation for your mentor's life.

No seed sowing
No checking up
Yet, you complain that he or she doesn't have your time?
It is a natural phenomenon, a good Shepard is not after your money but naturally, he/she will dedicate more time to those who appreciate than a complaint. It's not bribery, its the truth of life_

You are not the only one with life challenges, they have life problems too.
Let me even shock you; your mentor is not always busy for you, you are simply not committed enough.

The things he/she does for you, its what people pay heavily for in case you decide to go outside. And you are still waiting for it to come in bulk before you appreciate your Shepard.

• Pray for your mentor
• Check up on your mentor
• Post your mentor's picture! 

Not every time posting popular preachers that don't know you!
• Carry their visions and support them openly.
• Sow seeds and make sacrifices.

They may not tell you this. But commitment guarantees proximity.
One sign of a good mentor is that he/she will never ask you for money or material things.
One sign of a good mentee is discerning when he or she needs it.
In this Kingdom Honour is key.

"Dad please help me with your account number"
Is a better prayer-answering request than?
"Dad, please pray for me"


... May God grant you understanding to not misquote me.

©Peculiar Emmanuel
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