Some weeks ago I had a brotherly talk with a dear brother in ministry about certain ministerial trends and realities that are gradually becoming a norm within the Body of Christ. 

We spoke on several issues amongst which is the animosity, bitterness, resentment, unforgiveness and sometimes outright contentions that exists between fathers in ministry and their former sons. I have had the privilege of handling several cases like this privately and it’s unfortunately on a meteoric rise. 

I told him that, I actually pity the young ministers who fell and are still falling victim of this age long trap that has trapped many a great potential and have short-circuited the flow of grace in many would be great destinies and ministries. 

Listen to what I told him!

Saul treated David badly and even went all out to kill him but David refused to engage Saul. He had opportunities to kill Saul who had made himself his enemy but never did. He spoke good about Saul and never allowed any of his lieutenants to dishonour him or what he represented. God saw it. 

Fast forward to David and Joab. Joab practically gave his life to the service of David. He fought for him, conquered territories for him, did some dirty jobs for him and literally risked everything to ensure David’s throne and kingdom was secured. But, David preferred the life of his own son who betrayed him to that of Joab and his men who fought for him. This got Joab infuriated and he began to consciously break the basic rules and core values for which David held sacred. The climax was consciously taking advantage of his position and David’s weakness to go against David’s choice of a successor. God too saw it. 

The results:

David lived, fulfilled his assignment and died honourably whereas, Joab lived, expended his energy, lost his placement and died miserably and shamefully. 

So I told him, “Treat your David the way he treated his Saul if it’s good not the way he treated you if you are a Joab”

Now listen!

God does not excuse dishonour irrespective of the RIGHTNESS of your reasons. The day you navigate the path of dishonour is the day your troubles begin. 

Many have ended their ministries before they got started whilst pursuing their rights. 

Many are struggling today in ministry because they felt wronged by their former ministries. 

Many have been cut short in life because they violated this spiritual principle. 

Many are being bitten by ministry serpents today because they broke this age long hedge. 

A very strong female voice arose through the ministry and platform of Bishop T.D Jakes in the early 2000s whom the world looked upon to carry the mantle of that Women’s platform but she allowed a little rift between her and Bishop Jakes get blown out of proportion by those who felt they loved her by encouraging her to fight for her’right’. Till today, she has not fully recovered from that silly mistake. Those sympathizers of no value abandoned her as she sank from crisis to crisis in her ministerial journey. 


‘Aluta’ may work in the pursuit of civil rights but not in ministry. Ministry is strictly spiritual! It’s mystery cannot be demystified by head knowledge. 

Pursue peace as much as you can. 


So what do you do where you have tried to make peace and it was rejected?

Don’t force it or make yourself a nuisance. 

Give it time and space. 

Pray for him passionately but face your front with focus. 

Keep honouring him irrespective. Except where they are fully devoted to evil, you withdraw the honour and keep it to yourself. 

Never use any weakness you know by reason of closeness to disparage his person. 

Never divulge his secrets you accessed by privilege except if it involves a sin and you need to talk to a higher authority to free your conscience and receive deliverance where there are contaminations. 

Do all you can to help his ministry when necessary and where possible. 

Return every ministry material or property you were not legally given. 

Never join any association that dishonours his person. 

This is more beneficial to you than it is to him. 

You need the purity of conscience to access both the wisdom and the anointing of God required for the ministry in your hands. This cannot be traded for money sir. 

More importantly!

Be a Christian. Remain a Christian. Treasure the fruits of the Spirit. 

Never ever forget this! Nothing and no one is worth going to hell for. 

Hope this helps?







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