Being a father is the most fulfilling job a man can have. As Christian parents, we have the unique opportunity to make an eternal investment in the lives of our children.

Jesus often referred to God as “Father.” God the Father gives unconditional love, leadership, and guidance. He protects and allows us to learn by His words. God has entrusted us with His sacred title: Father.

Becoming a good father is not automatic—it takes time and effort. We must be willing to invest in this job—our most important, second to being a husband—as any other career we might pursue. A father should present the fundamental qualities of leadership, responsibility, and accountability, as well as the capabilities of planning, disciplining, and loving.

Fathering is a full-time job. As men, we must train, develop, and learn to be that which God intended for our families.

In his book, The Fatherhood Principle, Dr. Myles Munroe provides a fresh look at time-tested principles for men to measure their effectiveness as fathers in our modern society

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