My Prayer adventure began with the illness of my Dad. The illness lasted for like Eleven Years before he died. The way he died was somewhat a sign that we did not know God enough.

So I began this Spiritual adventure, to know God,  with the hope that I could stop some of those occurrences repeat themselves in the lives of people. I began to exercise myself in NIGHT PRAYERS. I never knew Jesus was waiting for me to take the First Step. And he opened up a great field of Spiritual Reality on the strength of that initial attempt to seek his face.

I was born a Stammerer, so there was no inclination that I could even become a Preacher. And my Stammering was so bad and there was nothing like Preaching in view.

But, one of those times, I had an Encounter with Jesus and a company of few Angels and my Speech impediment was taken away.

There was a very Significant Minister in our City who was shaking the whole Place, so many people were getting saved. And he died after a major Event. An Event that Shook everywhere. And that was somewhat of a Threat to us young Ministers that were coming up. It looked like there was something in land that had the Capacity to take the life of this great General of God, so it was more like a threat to us who want to serve the will of God in that Territory. So in the midst of this Confusion, God ministered a Scripture to me,  '' The Remnant that Escaped out of Judah, they shall yet take root downwards and bear Fruits Upwards ''. So that was how we adopted the Intercesory Strategy for Ministry and it was more about Praying than it was about Preaching.  We were doing Five Hours Prayers Every Night for a few years. Till this moment. There are times we do FIFTY HOURS PRAYERS. Just praying round and round the clock.  We got used to seeking God at that Level, not just individuals but coperately. 

We've discovered that there are a lot of realities you'll never touch in God until you subscribe to the way of LONG PRAYERS. We have built a ministry that is committed to Long Prayers.

Our Prayer Burdens has always been around a PROPHECY. A Prophecy that our Ancestor in the Pentecostal Christianity in Nigeria gave. Pa Sydney Elton. He spoke about a Time that Nigeria was going to be the Headquarters of CORRUPTION all over the world. But when that Season Expires, a New Nation is gonna come out of the Rubble of the old Nation and it's going to be a Nation of RIGHTEOUSNESS and INTEGRITY. And in those days, God will send Missionaries from Nigeria to every Part of the World.

So we began to pray for the New Nigeria to come out of the Rubble. So that has been the main point of our Prayer Enterprise. That God who has spoken to us by his servant will bring his words to pass as we hold hands with him. It was not about whether we had food to eat, clothes to wear or about our Health, it was all about the Words and Prophecies of God. We maintained this Prayer culture. I don't know a better life I would have lived outside of the Prayer Life.


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