The journey to becoming, there is no shortcut to it.

I remember many years ago, when everything was tiring for me and when I answered the call, I won't lie, like peter, when I resigned from UNFPA. After some months of resigning, I wasn't seeing money, the way I used to see money, I said God, this life, desn't look it. Like what I want, and I began to look for another job again, I won't lie.

So, my Friend helped me with an opening at NOI Polls at the time, that was when they were still in conjunction with Gallup. So I went to Lagos... it was... I did the interview... In fact I just came in from London and then I told my wife, I said, well, there's another interview I'm going for now that I have... not having money. So let me go and see, I  said it's not a serious  job, it's a job that will allow me do ministry. I knew I'm lying, I knew I was lying (audience laugh) and so that's how I went on the last stage of the interview. I was, you know, talking with emmm NOI, that is Ngozi Okonjo Iweala, it was her company. So when we finished, we talked and talked and talked, she was very excited. She now called Kehinde, I don't forget the name. She said Kehinde, issue that appointment letter right now! Do you know what I was hearing? Issue that his death warrant right now! (Outburst of laughter) Do you know what I was hearing? Issue that his death warrant right now! I don't know why I was hearing that. Let me tell you, the journey to your purpose will not be easy, but I don't want you to think you have an option. 

Never think if I don't do this, I can do this. That is where failure comes in from.

And I left her office, my peace left me, as I left her office everything... So as soon as I walked into my friends office at the time, he is in DFID now, he's the country director, so but at the time, I've forgotten what he was. As soon as he saw me, he just embraced me, Emeka is his name and he told me congratulations sir, I said Emeka... Emeka, my peace has left me. 

He said whether your peace has left you, or your peace is there, he said you see this job, I fought hard, I know that all that you needed, is for madam to see your face and now that Madam... he said I fought hard, don't disappoint me. I said Emeka, I'm not sure I will do this, because my body was literally shaking, na money wey ah dey look for. I told God, I don't want to be the Pastor that will steal money, I don't want to look in the direction of money... and that was the day, as I left Abuja, and then I was coming back, I was on the plane, I said God promise me, you'll put food on my table. I'm not asking for... Promise me that I would not write letter, appeal fund letter, you know, appeal to pay the man of God's rent, appeal to do this other one, I said just promise me that I will be fine. Lord, I will do this work. I cried and God told me. Forget about your tomorrow, do the work I have asked you to do and that is what led to where I am. People of God, there was a season of my life where I had a major breakthrough in ministry and I came... that day, I got so emotional and I was just praising... thanking God. I said God you're doing this... you've done that... God said to me listen, I have not yet started. 

Now I'm looking back on what God is doing, He said I have not yet started and He said, if you will give in more, If you will give in more, then you can see what I will do.

Message title; The need for generational impact. 

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