THIS IS WHY YOU CRY WHEN YOU SIN_ and the devils strategy with it

 Why do you cry when you fall into sin?

Forget about those that their conscience are seared with hot iron, lets discuss in context of a sincere believer.

Why do you cry and feel guilty after you sinned?

Doesn't this show that you have been violated against your will? ofcourse there's no man that would cry after eating what he really wanted to eat. whatever would make a man cry after an act depicts that his will has been violated.

Let's consider two ladies.

One was involved in a consensual immoral act and the other was raped;

While one is busy going about her normal business as though nothing happened, the other is down with guilt and a great feeling of having been violated.

Isn't this the exact thing that is happening to you?

Each time this occurs you cry and sob in regrets and guilt.

This is a great prove that a greater force has imposed his will on you. 

We are in a battle ground bro!

The battle ground of the mind is even more horrible!

Wake up brother!

Get back to your knees Sister!

This world is filled with violence; whether you like it or not, you're living in a world that lies in wickedness and filled with violence.

Now, right from the days of John the Baptist until NOW (meaning the system continues till date) The Kingdom of God suffereth violence and it's only those that are violent that will take this kingdom by force.

Men and brethren, this kingdom is taken by Force!

This kingdom is advanced by Force. 

The kingdom of God is forcefully advancing and it's only for those that are violent.

There's no room for a civilian system here.

No man that wages war entangles himself with civilians affair. Anything that has nothing to do with force is a civil and we aren't permitted to be civil in the realm of the spirit.

This is a kingdom by Force! You're a soldier!

This smeh-smeh kind of approach towards these issues that have been challenging your purity is not acceptable, Wage war!

You fell into temptation, please don't let it slide, wage war!

Weary God!

Give Him no rest till He establishes you in righteousness!

Rise up and wage war on what has been battling you. They are not just habits they are personalities , they are powers, they know you by name.

Stop them before they stop you!

This battle is real bro, it's against principalities and powers, but before then, let's start from the biggest enemy, the flesh!

It's time to put it under subjection!

Refuse to be violated anymore!

Enough is enough!

The last time that lust engraved you into masturbation, let it be the last time ever!

My brother!

My sister, you see in this kingdom, WE ONLY ADVANCE BY FORCE.





Let's embrace practical Christianity

God's grace.

© Matt 11:12

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