DO YOU HAVE SEX IN THE DREAM? Then, this is for you!


There is a spirit responsible for marriage and sexual intercourse in the dream and the name of the demon in charge is called Ashmodi. 

The spirit has a male and female version. 

🔥The female version is called succubus and it is the demon that has sexual intercourse with a sleeping man in his dream which is related to sleep paralysis in most cases. Sometimes uses the face of a known person so you start pointing fingers.

If you see me on top of you in your dream, it's not me oo.

🔥The second one is called incubus and this is the male version that goes to sleep with a woman in her dream. Very deadly! This happens because somewhere along the line there was an evil marriage that took place and these demons are marine-related.

If you have a dream and see yourself being wedded to a man/woman whose face you cannot see, be rest assured that there is a spirit spouse operating in your life.

They are majorly behind sleep paralysis.

They don't need your approval. They force themselves on you and I call such act, demonic rape!

You wake up weak and start wondering what happened, sometimes they throw you out of the bed and you feel it was your poor sleeping habit. NO! They came to knåck you.

🔥This satanic invasion leads to pornography, masturbation, homosexuality, prostitution, sexual intercourse in the dream, bearing evil children in the dream, marital distress, anti-pregnancy spirits, child pollution, late marriage, poverty, better poverty o, hard life, strange sicknesses, sexual perversion and  infertility issues which is achieved by blocking the tubes, causing miscarriages, fibroids, cancer and so on.

They are very stubborn, aggressive and dangerous. They are terrible enemies with killer motives to kill your joy, peace, health, brain, calling, and virtue. 

If you are very handsome or beautiful, it's a problem because they go for the best!

I pray that the Almighty God will open your understanding on this matter, in Jesus' Name because its very deep.

But then, 

I want you to practice proper prayer hygiene. 

 close your door and play gospel music if you can,

Pray very well before you sleep.

Activate and charge your Spiritual life.

Stay tune.

We will drop another.

If you are experiencing this, here are tips on how to tackle it.

1. Always sleep with a gospel song,

2. Pray very well before you sleep.

3. Read and study at least one verse of the the Bible every night.

4. Visit your pastor or your Spiritual mentor for prayers and guidance..

5 Don't joke with any Christian gathering that will build your Spiritual life..

Try this things and thank me later.

Meanwhile stay tune more will be dropping.

19th July, 2022

My name is prosper Kings


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