A realm in marriage called THE SUPERNATURAL!

When a man who has a good command of English tells you "your hair is beautiful" you will say thank you. 

But when a man who has a good command of his authority in Christ tells you your hair is beautiful you will say AMEN. Hahahahahaha.

If you have seen people returning with countless testimonies whenever hubby says "God bless you", you will know when to say AMEN when he says "I love you".

It is not like you are not romantic, but in that moment you are able to decode his position in the spirit to know when he is talking from his duty as your husband and when he is talking from his alignment as a Priest. 

For these ones, they know that each time they say I love you and the other says "amen" instead of the regular "I love you too", they have received something stronger than a love affirmation.

These things we don't teach them on public spaces, they are deep mysteries of the kingdom only revealed to those who are well yielded. You have to journey there to comprehend the light, a place where your will is not yours any more but that which you see your Father do you do also. 

Oh, the supernatural dwellers will understand this one;  Brothers, you know that thing our culture talks about your wife kneeling down to hold a bowl of water for you to wash your hands before a meal as the head of the home is just cruise. Because you have held a bowl of water for her to wash her hands before and you didn't remember to apply the strictness of tradition, not because you wanted to be mushy mushy that once, but cos in that moment you were not seeing her in her position as a wife, but you were able to decode her in her alignment as an Esther, and the way to receieve from an Esther is by honour.

There is a realm in marriage called THE SUPERNATURAL. Only those who are carriers of the Spirit journey there.

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