In times like this when the world look so scattered 

The lives of men and women have been battered

The dreams of little children have been shattered

Even the aged looks hagered and tattered. 

What becomes our fate.  

People everywhere crying for redemption 

Can we just get a hint of what salvation looks like, they all say in their heart. 

Each one both great and small looks for one whose attention will be drawn to their needs and cries. 

Who will save us they ask. 

In desperation they fight one another with a feeling that one day this action will give results and direction. 

Then I ask again ... What becomes our fate. 

This generation has begun to lose its purpose in the creation. 

Men, women,boys and girls have decided to find their own path which only leads to destruction. 

Meanwhile... in the midst of all this commotion.. God is counting on you and I , His own creation. 

He has made us His own, we are His people the sheep of His pastures and if the world seeks greener pastures, it’s our duty to show them the way because we’ve walked through it feeding and grazing by the leading of our savior. 

It is high time we understood that the fate of every creation is in the hands of His creator and also the creation. 

God said... I sought for a man that will stand in the gap and make up the edge so that I don’t destroy them but I found none. 

What does that teach us...

That God is interested in you and your ability to stand in the gap as instruments telling him what to do for the salvation and redemption of mankind. 

You will effectively stand as His instrument when you do it with a heart of love for God and for mankind. 

The keys have been given to you ye believer...Don’t give in to the deceiver. 


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