We said he is a disgrace to the body of Christ. 

His love for money has consumed him. 

Some said he's a juju man. 

That he's an untrained Catholic charlatan. 

But friend, has he not lived for so long for us all to discern this before now? 

We should've known before now that he's a juju man? 

Some youths are threatening to go beat him up for calling Obi's name, from all over Nigeria. 

His Adoration meetings have been shutdown for security reasons. 

But let me let you know this... 

There are hospitals in Enugu state Nigeria that Fr. Mbaka is funding monthly. 

They offer free medical treatments to people on behalf of his ministry. 

There are several youths home and abroad that are going to school today because of Fr. Mbaka. 

He said he spends 2million dollars every month on charity. 

And he has done this over the years without blowing the trumpet. 

If you call him a false prophet... 

The widows in his charity scheme will fight you. 

If you say he's not a man of God... 

Thousands of lives that he has blessed in and outside Enugu will fight you. 

Is that not already happening now in Enugu?

Are they not rioting already? 

In defense of the integrity of their dear man of God. 

Friend, I am not here to defend Fr. Mbaka or not. 

I am just saying that we're too fast to tear people down! 


We almost do not make out opportunity for the humanity of men. 

A man like that has laboured too in righteousness before now. 

But it was as though we were all waiting for him to insult Peter Obi all along. 

Maybe he was wrong in what he said or not... 

I am not here to judge his subjective, bigoted idiosyncracy. 

It's best known to him. 

I am just saying that we're all men! 

I won't sabotage my spiritual conscience, that's why I am saying this. 

Remember, if you're not born again, I am not talking to you. 

I am talking to the people that should be praying for Fr. Mbaka that left it to come online to call him a thief. 

There are delicate corridors in priesthood... 

How come we've allowed the world to define for us how to run the kingdom on earth? 

Remember I am not talking to you if you're not born again... 

If you're born again... 

You should understand what I am saying. 

Some of us that have not conquered pussy-cat were boldly calling that man all manner of names online... 

A man that has done what some of us are still fasting to do. 

As for me... I honour him.

But I don't necessarily stand with him on this. 

Friend, they told Aaron to hold the hand of Moses so that Israel can be winning at the battle field.

But Aaron has gone to smell Moses's armpit that no one sent him to smell. 

Now he's going about saying that it's like Moses has not taken his bath for 2years with the way his armpit smells. 

But nobody sent him to smell the armpit- the humanity of that man. 

No wonder God striped him naked for the whole Israel to see him before he died on the mountain! 

Because of a delicate corridor he crossed while serving Moses along side Miriam. 

That's not what I came to talk about. 

But friend, all men will get to a point where you will know that they're still men. 

Even you... 

If it's a lie... Cast the first stone! 

The Lord awaken Love in our hearts. 

Friend, all men are men! 

Whether Bishop 


That's why the writer of Hebrews told us to look up to Jesus. 

Men may not always get it right. 

In your  dealings with men, always remember that we're men! 

This is all... 

The Lord give us understanding. 

Let us pray! 

@Kingsword AMADI 






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