Music ministers listen

There is nothing wrong in promoting your songs, nothing wrong in promoting what you do.

No matter how powerful your song is, even as powerful as it sounds it can't bless me if I don't listen to it and before I I can listen to your songs then the songs needs to get to me first, I can't download to listen if I know nothing about the song.

You didn't go to the studio just for you and your friends to listen to that powerful song, except God told you no to release it

Same thing goes to every preacher

Take advantage of the media, take advantage of the online community, pay for promotions, ads, it's not a sin

Some persons pay to promote p0rn and it gets to your feed without your approval because it's a promotion, promote yours.

Think global, the world needs to get blessed by that powerful song.

If the song has a powerful content with just a little push it will go viral.

There are strategies to how these things works, learn it, pay money to learn.

A graphics design alone can discourage people from attending your program or listening to your song

You still think you can't judge a book by it's cover?

Not online


With your powerful voice and fire you can still be hidden if you don't take these things serious 

Sinach with so many followers world wide still run promotions for her content so she could reach out to more people who are not among her followers

Frank Edward still run promotions for his content

Davido with millions of followers still run promotions

Wizkid still does his promotion

Someone made a post the other day complaining that everywhere buga, you don't know much the owner of the song spent to promote it so you and your church members could also get to hear it

He spent more money promoting the song than even what he paid for the production of the song

Promoting just one song with more than 1million naira and you are complaining that the song is everywhere

Hahaha hahaha 

Let people know what you do, be proud of the work God has placed in your hands.

You could preach to 10 people on sight and preach to 10 thousand persons online at the same time, the online space is a global space, it has not gate, no doors, no windows, it an open space. Anything can fly here, anything sells online 

I know it is God that announces men but He doesn't announce unserious persons and He doesn't perform magics

You need to start getting serious with your facebook, Instagram, Twitter, tiktok and the rest.

On this note I want to announce to you that I and my team are working on something hooge that will take over this space by God's grace, one of the biggest gospel challenge of all time, we are hitting tiktok, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and several other platforms with this challenge, it's going to be a massive movement and one good thing about this challenge is that it is not just for believers alone its a gospel challenge

Remember the Bible said the mountain of the lord's house shall be exalted far above every other mountain and hills and all people shall flow up the mountain of the lord's house?

Such is about taking place

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