If some of us had waited for God to speak to us, appear in our dreams or hear the still small voice to do what we are doing for God we wouldn't have saved the number of souls we have saved, discipled and imparted the number of people we have imparted thus far.

We have a generation of Robotic Christians with nice sound spiritual ideologies but which ends up rendering them nothing less than a Robot in the hands of God.

David by himself out of pure love, honor and service to God decided to build a house for God even when God did not tell him to Build it. 

But this generation of Robotic Christians will wait for God to come to them in the cool of the night and whisper to their ears that they should build a house for God.

Infact they will subject it to prayer and fasting for further confirmation for fear that they don't want to do for God what he hasn't asked them to do. They will watch God having no house but feel very okay except God tells them to build a house.

It is this type of people that will see a sick person and wait for God to tell them to pray for the person, meanwhile God already instructed us in his word "To lay hands on the sick that they will recover"

They will watch souls dying but feel very okay waiting on God to tell them to do an outreach, put out a song, hold a prayer meeting, do an evangelism to save the souls. If God doesn't say anything, they will do nothing, after all they are a living sacrifice.

The idea of a living sacrifice is grossly misunderstood. This generation paints it like you become one who have no will, no say, no goal, no vision at all.

All through the Bible men who walked with God had a say in God's agenda, they debated their own interest. 

Abraham one day stopped God and asked him, with all this things you are doing with me what is "My own reward"? And God answered him. 

God had an agenda for Sodom but Abraham debated the Agenda to serve his interest in saving his own brother.

If it's this generation of Robotic believers they will tell God they have no say that they are a living sacrifice, he should just go ahead and destroy everybody in Sodom.

God said to Hezekiah that he will die.

Hezekiah did not tell God I am yours, I don't have a say, Kill me now. He went to God in prayers and debated his course.

God does not want a Robotic relationship.

He wants relationship with active people. People who are intelligent, people who have a will, people who have visions and goals too.

The idea of a living sacrifice is that "All I do with my life, I do in view of giving him Glory". 

My vision and my goals is to give him Glory. This is what a living sacrifice means. It doesn't mean you turn to a robot that will do nothing except God tells you to. Even when the need is standing right before you.

God through one prophet revealed to Paul that if he goes to Jerusalem he will die. Paul saw the need and passion for sous and went to Jerusalem even when God did not ask him. If I die I die. Infact in Paul's mind, he is already dead. So him dying in Jerusalem is not an issue even when God advised him against it. That's a real living sacrifice there.

When you put your hand at your back in few minutes you will feel pain. You won't wait for God to tell you to remove your hand before you do. That pain you feel right there is a pre-installed voice of God telling you to take your hands off your back and put it in the right place. The need for comfort is God's voice telling you to remove your hand.

There is a Pre-installed voice of God behind every need you ever see. When you see a sinner living near you His condition is already "God's voice" enough to awaken you to preach salvation to him.

When you see a sick person,

His sickness is already God's voice enough telling you to pray and minister health to him.

This is the kind of Christianity that God wants. A Christianity that can discern him.

God is not threatened with your will, goals and visions. He desires that your will finds expression in his will and need, he desires that your visions and goals find expressions in his Agenda.

This is all that matters to God.

Please like David, if you find out that God does not have a House in a place, please build one for him don't wait for him to come and speak to you.

This is what Sons Do.

Sons take responsibities. 

The Burden of the Father becomes the task of sons to execute. 

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