God Still Has Remnants

Friends, you may not understand that young generation of boys and girls in ministry today are looking for those to look up to. Pastor Paul Enenche, David ibeyiome may be too far for them to reach.

Most of the guys around them who seems to be having "results" in ministry are some of those who have sold their souls to the devil in exchange of crowd, power and wealth.

Consequently, this generation of young boys and girls are looking for who to see and be re assured that the God that called them have not abandoned them.

That there is still hope for those that have not bowed to that Golden Calf in a decaying generation. I know some guys that have told me personally, they have been pressurized by juju ministers to sell their souls to Satan but any time they remember many God is using, they feel very encouraged.

That if God is helping others without them using juju to grow ministry, that God will remember their own faithfulness someday.


Friends, there are people God is strategically raising without them knowing it, just to obstruct a generation that must not dance the dance of Satan and his cohorts.

There are men God has called to indirectly preserve the souls of His men from decadence in a time as this and there are people that have found favour before God to be used to make popular a dimension of God that this generation is yet to know about God.

Anyone that told you that every young man doing massively well and controlling crowd in our time is using juju, tell him it is a lie.


Sir, anyone telling you that every young man that God uses to terminate cancers and other miracles are bowing to something, tell them that it’s a lie, God still has remnants, if preachers who are native doctors, opening branches of their shrines everywhere still motivates you, You will need to be re examined.

Suddenly, a day comes that a generation will rise stronger in discernment to see who the real men and women of God among us are. It is no more news that Africans are beginning to know who their real prophets are because a new breed without greed is rising .

A day beckons upon us and it is getting clearer day by day, that false prophets are beginning to get ashamed of the crowd gotten by the queen of the coast. It will happen before our eyes, that boys who started well in ministry but ran to Egypt for help will cry back to God in great penitence because they are tired of driving costly cars that are driving them to hell. 

Many will reckon in that day that the little they had before they started using juju is more valuable than what they have now, that they have everything else except peace and then the true remnants will rise . 

I hope you got the point ? 




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