I am writing to you dear Lady, yes you, that your flow is missing.

And i am not talking about your monthly flow of blood, i am talking about the daily flow of living waters you do have before.🔥

Once upon a time you had the daily flow of healing from within you, sick people get healed just by entering your room or meeting you, but now it is no longer happening and you are not concerned, ah sis can't you see that flow is missing.

Remember those days when you had daily flow of prayer power from within🔥, you could lock yourself daily and pray for 10 hours without getting tired, but now you can't remember the last time you prayed for 30 minutes, what happened sis? How did your altar get so cold, don't you miss your flow?

Ah, what about the daily flow of the prophectic🔥you had back then in school, the Holy Spirit do show you things about people so you can intercede for them, but now you no longer have that flow.

Can you remember the contagious hunger and passion for souls🔥 that was flowing from you before? People meet you and they are crying, asking you to lead them to Jesus, you will go round the streets preaching and winning souls, but now years have pass and you have not even won one soul for Christ? Where is that passion for souls that was flowing from you before?

Ah Sis, you panic whenever you don't see your monthly flow in a month, but you haven't seen the daily flow of the prophectic, power, prayer, healing, hunger you usually have for years and you are not concerned?

No sis, we refuse to allow you remain cold.🔥

We refuse to carry this fire allow🔥

We refuse to allow you settle for being a woman with just monthly flow of blood and no daily flow of divine realities 🔥

If you are among the ladies who have missed any spiritual flow they usually have before, kindly send me a message. 

It is time for you to have the daily flow of living waters from within you again🔥

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