“Well, I was just surprised that as beautiful as you are, you are still a virgin. I’m proud of you though” he said with a smile. “Thank you sir ” she said, then continued. “I need to go home now cuz am going for choir rehearsal by 4pm” she began to zip her small hand bag. He picked up his car keys from the table and said, “I will drop you, then go fro. There to my own reversals too.” He said standing to his feet. “Reversals” she asked, widening her eyes. “I remember you promised to worship in my parish tomorrow” she said and he began to laugh. “But you are yet to meet my condition” he said, putting his hands in his pockets. “I like the way you are posing” she said laughing and he gave her a smile that revealed his dimples. “Hmmm.. I also like those dimples” she said standing up to her feet. “All these compliments are meant to divert my attention from our discussion right?” He said as they walked out of the eatery. “Not really. I already told you I will squeeze out time for you after my outing with my fiancé” she said without looking at him. “He’s a lucky man though” he said under his breath and she turned back and asked, “You said what?” Looking inquisitively into his eyes. “Nothing, I wasn’t really talking to you” he replied and opened the car door for her to enter. He drove her home meditatively without saying much. When they finally arrived her place she climbed down and bent down to thank him. “I shall be expecting your call tomorrow” he said. “And I’m hoping to see you in my parish tomorrow” she replied before walking away. She arrived her house only to meet Kolade’s long face waiting for her. She swallowed hard, and bent down to greet him but he responded coldly and waited for her to unlock the door. “Come in” she said standing at the door post, but he didn’t respond nor turn to look at her. “Or do you prefer staying outside let me get a seat for you?” She managed to ask, trying to control her anger. When she didn’t get any response from him, she entered the room and left him to himself outside. After standing there for about 20minutes, he entered the room grudgingly without knocking and found her dressing up. “You could have at least knock before entering the room..” She said calmly but Kolade was not interested in whatever she had to say. “What happened last night?” He asked, his eyes red. She tried to avoid the quarrel looming and began to narrate what happened but he didn’t allow her to complete her story before shouting her down. “I told you, didn’t I tell you to wait so we can go together today? But you were stubborn! You don’t always like listening to me…” He kept on shouting and his voice filled the room. ” ejo, todu oluwa fimile … For God’s sake leave me alone. Kola leave me alone o” she said pulling her right ear as if sounding him a warning but he got more provoked and began to recount other past incidents and occasions where she didn’t adhere to his instructions and he mentioned an incident that got her upset. She fumed up and began to lash at him. “What about you?” She blew hot, “You don’t care about my welfare, you don’t call or contribute anything spiritually or physically in my life. All you do is instruct and command me on what to do, what not to do and fault findings. See, Kola am getting fed up with your quarrelsome attitudes” she blew hot at him and picked up her bag with a hard cover notebook. “I want to lock my door and go to choir. Can you now leave?” She said and opened the door for him. He stood transfixed, amazed at her boldness. “Are you asking me out of your house?” He queried looking intently into her eyes but she didn’t care a bit. “I said, leave! I want to lock my door, am already late and don’t have time for your drama” she said and he feigned a smile and walked out arrogantly. She locked up the house and hastened out to church. After the reversals, she switched her new phone and the first call that entered was Kehinde’s call. “Bother, Kehinde please I will call you later..” She said hurriedly over the phone as she was trying to conclude a discussion with the youth choir leader. “Okay!” He said and quickly ended the call. “You’re leading praise and worship tomorrow. No excuses!” The choir leader mandated and she accepted having realized that his mind is made up on her. On reaching home, she dialled Kehinde’s number, he picked it up and said, ” Don’t waste your airtime,cut the call let me call you back” he said and she ended the call with a smile. In less than two minutes, he called back and they spoke for close to 35minutes before they bade each other good night. As she was about entering the small kitchen to find something to eat, her roommate entered. They exchanged greetings and she asked her what she cooked. “Ah! No food in this house o. I’m thinking of preparing Noddles for the both of us” she said and the roommate hissed and brushed past her. “Haba , kilode?” Sade stared at her but she didn’t respond. After standing for few seconds, she swallowed hard and entered the kitchen to prepare the Noddles which her roommate refused to eat. She picked up her phone and called Kolade’s number several times to apologize for her actions but he didn’t pick. She put on her data and went to search for him on WhatsApp, fortunately for her,he was online so she sent some chats to him and apologized. The chats showed green mark lines which indicates that he received the chats but Kolade didn’t reply . She gave herself excuses on his behalf that he probably was busy and waited for his response till she dozed off… Wetin dey worry brother Kolade sef? To be continued 7 (unedited) ©Precious Obialor Ukazim Sade’s 4 O’clock quiet time phone alarm rang very close to her head and she woke up. She looked at her roommate who was deeply asleep and her body suddenly became weak and desired more rest. She lay back to rest for a while and in no time, her eyes closed as she slept off. 

At 5:43am, she jumped up from the bed like someone who was being chased by a masquerade from the dream. “Ah! I’ve missed my quiet time” she murmured and quickly climbed down the bed, collected her bible, jotter, Our Daily Manner booklet and pen and went down on her knees close to the reading table to pray. She prayed for few minutes and sat down on the reading chair to study her bible after reading the ODM commentaries. She jotted down her personal revelations from the scriptures and prayed. After saying the grace, she entered the kitchen and put a pot on fire to boil rice. Sunday school starts by 7:50 and she can’t miss it for any reason. The thought of Kolade flashed her mind and her heart skipped. “He didn’t return my calls nor replied my chats” she told herself with a low voice. “Sometimes I wonder whether this courtship is a kind of prison or something. I mean, for how long will I continue to be the one to apologize to Kola each time we have a misunderstanding? I do everything to please him yet he gets too difficult to please” she said almost crying when her roommate entered the kitchen to collect a cup. “Good morning” she managed to greet without looking at her and she grudgingly murmured back a response. Sade checked the time as she was stirring the pot of steaming tomato stew on the burner and realized she was going to run late if she doesn’t hurry up with her food. She left the stew on the fire to boil while she got herself ready to enter the bathroom. With the towel loosely tied to cover her breasts, she entered the kitchen and turned off the gas, then dashed into the bathroom and had a quick bath. Her phone began to ring as she was dressing up and she rushed at it thinking it was Kolade’s call, but got disappointed when she saw Kehinde’s name. She sighed and went back to finish up her dressing. She arrived the church two minutes past the Sunday school time; but they were yet to start, yet she felt bad for going late to church. The Sunday school started and she expected to see Kolade teaching in one of the classes since he was a Sunday school teacher but he was absent. She suddenly became afraid that something must have happened to him. She quietly walked out of her class when she couldn’t concentrate very well on the teachings and went to a quiet place to call him. She dialled his number several times, but there was no response. As she was still thinking of the closest person who could possibly know his whereabouts, she looked around and sighted Kolade with a lady talking and laughing as they walked up to the church premises and he had his phone in his hand. She intentionally dialed his number again and she saw Kolade grumbling with a frown on his face as he looked into the screen of his phone. “He’s probably telling that sister that am disturbing his phone” she concluded in her heart, ended the call and stood back and watched them enter the church sluggishly,not minding that they were already late,then entered and sat on her seat at the front rows from where she turned several times to look at Kolade who didn’t want to maintain eye contact with her. As the Sunday school classes were summarizing their teachings, she bent her head as hot tears streamed down her eyes. “Lord, please help my heart. Sing through me even in this morning service and give yourself glory in Jesus name.” She prayed, with her head still low as if she was meditating over the lessons. The microphone was handed over to her after the summary, and she mounted the stage, with her mind made up not to look Kolade’s direction she closed her eyes, lifted up her slim hands and started to sing in tongues to charge up her spirit. After some minutes, she raised a worship song that brought many people on their knees, crying and praying in the Holy Ghost. By the time she was handing over the microphone to the person who would lead in opening prayers, people were already lying down on their faces, knees and crying as they worshipped God. Sade opened her eyes and handed the mic over to an elderly man, and as she walked up to her seat, she saw someone smiling at her from the congregation but was too shy to look the second time. But during the opening prayers, she systematically opened one of her eyes and looked towards that direction and found out it was Kehinde and her heart leaped for joy. After the service, she joined the choir for their usual 5minutes prayers after service, then rushed out to greet Kehinde’s. When she found him, he was hugging and shaking hands with Kolade and she wondered where they knew each other from. She swallowed hard and walked up to them despite the internal pressure telling her to wait till when Kola leaves. “Brother Kehinde, good afternoon” she greeted excitedly and without seeing the person, Kolade recognized her voice and his countenance changed so much that Kehinde noticed his uneasiness as she greeted him. “Kenny” Kola called his attention from Sade. “I need to be on my way now” he said and they both exchanged a good bye handshake. Sade tried to approach him, but he snubbed her in the presence of Kehinde and walked away with his Bible in his armpit. Embarrassed, she stood at a spot and watched him disappeared from her sight and Kehinde walked up to her and tapped her on the shoulder. She tried hard to hold back the tears that has clouded her eyes, but they found themselves flowing down freely to her cheeks. “Let me drop you” Kehinde said almost in a whisper, held her hands and led her to the car… To be continued 8 (unedited) ©Precious Obialor Ukazim Kehinde drove Sade home in silence and turned several times to look at her but she was too ashamed to look into his eyes, so she looked away and got drown in her own thoughts. There were so many questions troubling his heart which he needed to ask her concerning Kolade and what happened few minutes ago,but in order to avoid making her more emotional, he kept them to himself and hoped that his suspicions are not true. Soon, they arrived her house and he looked at her again before speaking up after the long silence. “My dear, I don’t know exactly the problem between you and Kola but I don’t think a woman should be handled the way he did. It’s damn wrong!” He said and hit his hands on the steering of his car, then he continued. “And you just have to stop crying, I don’t feel right seeing your tears. Wipe your tears,no one should determine your happiness.” He said and drew close to her with his white handkerchief and wiped the tears that flowed down on her cheeks. “You know what? I will come pick you up by 4pm so that you won’t have to stay alone and cry over what happened. Is that okay?” He asked but she nodded in the negative. ‘I told you I will be going out with my fiancé. I don’t think we would be back by then ” she explained quietly without looking at him. “It’s alright then, anything that will make you happy is okay by me. Nevertheless, I will still call to know how you’re doing” he said and opened the door for her to go down. She thanked him and walked into the compound. Her roommate was already back with a friend from her own church and they were lost in their discussion so much that they didn’t know when she entered the room. “Ha! My boy friend cannot do without sex o. And me I don’t want to lose him because men are scarce to get. I will give him what ever he wants and keep trusting God that one day,he will propose to me” she was so shocked to hear that statement coming from her roommate whom she thought was born again. “Well, Tope have been demanding sex from me but I can’t do it. My parents will kill me if they finds out am no longer a virgin. My father is a pastor and am the only daughter, so I don’t want to bring him disgrace” the visitor said laughing. “Girl, shine your eyes o. If you lose Tope, to get another well to do man will be difficult o. Do for him anything he want o” Sade’s roommate advised her friend. “See am still a virgin, though technically. The only thing I allow him to do with me is smooching and romances. I never try?” The visitor asked rhetorically and Sade who couldn’t contain their dirty discussions cleared her throat to announce her presence and they both turned to see her standing behind them. Her roommate gave her a stink look and returned back to their discussion. “Well, romances is not bad, you guys can start from there gradually and graduate into the real thing..” Her roommate said laughing. “No ooo! I want to marry as a virgin, we are not graduating into anything o” the visitor who was not comfortable with Sade’s presence protested,stood up,picked her small fancy bag then said “I wan go Jaree ” she said and they both left the room. Though Sade found their discussion irritating, there was something her roommate’s visitor said that got registered in her mind and she kept meditating over it even as she changed into her house wears and ate her food. As she ate her rice and stew, she picked up her phone and began to dial Kolade’s number to know the time they would go to the hospital to see her sister but Kola was not picking up. After the fifth attempt, the phone was switched off and she became restless, and began to contemplate going to his house but the thought of being embarrassed again kept her from doing so. She broke down in tears and her roommate entered and found her crying. “Sade, you are crying? Did someone die?” She asked and Sade nodded her head in the negative. “Then why are you crying?” Confused, she asked expecting a response. “It’s Kola” she cried and her phone began to ring. She rushed at it thinking it was Kola, but it was Kehinde. She ignored the call, pushed the phone aside and her roommate eyed the caller. “What happened to Kola?” She asked “He’s not been picking my calls and he even embarrassed me in church today when I wanted to talk to him…” Sade explained and her roommate exploded in anger. “Who did he even think he is sef? Every time Kola this, Kola that! Why would you be crying for him every time?” She burned in anger and a thought came into her mind. She paused for a while, stood up and walked up to Sade’s wardrobe and fetched out a beautiful blouse and a Jean trouser for her. “Get up and dress up. Call that guy that bought you phone to come and take you out. That way,you will get to forget Kola and his troubles” she said with a commanding voice but Sade refused. “I’m not in the right frame of mind to go out with anyone now” she explained but her roommate had a mission and would not take ‘No’ for an answer. “You know I won’t allow you to just lie down here crying like someone who is bereaved. Stand up…” She was saying when Sade’s phone began to ring again. “It’s brother Kehinde that is calling and I’m going to tell him to come and take you out right away!” Her roommate said with finality and before Sade could stop her,she slid the green symbol. “Umm.. Good afternoon sir” she greeted and twisted her voice, then continued. “Sade is here crying, I don’t know what’s wrong with her but I believe if you can come and take her out,she will feel better..” She said and Sade grabbed her phone from her. But before she could counter what her roommate said, Kehinde ended the call and picked up his car keys and began to drive down to Sade’s place. She arrived there in less than 40 minutes drive from where he was, knocked at their door and was ushered in. After about 20minutes persuasion from her roommate and Kehinde, she dressed up and followed him. Kehinde took her out to a sight seeing center and cracked many jokes to make her laugh, and she started to laughed coldly until she began to enjoy the sights and get relieved from her moodiness. By the time he was going to drop her at her house after their sight seeing, Sade was laughing so hard, talking about some of the funny things they saw and didn’t wish they depart…. To be continued HomeTECHNICAL VIRGINTECHNICAL VIRGIN. Episode 9 TECHNICAL VIRGIN TECHNICAL VIRGIN. Episode 9 16 min read 3 weeks ago Precious Episode 9(unedited) ©Precious Obialor Ukazim Sade entered her room full of life and excitement and her roommate took notice of it. “Hmmm… I can see you are back to life now. You always feel more happy when ever you stay around or speak on phone with Kehinde compared with Kola. Don’t you think destiny has brought him your way in order to deliver you from a troublesome marriage with Kola?” Her roommate asked, searching her eyes to know whether she is penetrating. Sade was quiet for a while before speaking up. ‘It’s true am happy when am with Kehinde but am engaged to Kola already. Our families,the church and everyone knows we are engaged to be married latest,January next year. I can’t leave him, we have come a long way. Besides, Kehinde is yet to make his intention known and I can’t go and start forcing myself on him.. ” Sade explained. “Stop talking nonsense. A broken courtship is better than a broken marriage. See, give this guy a try, i can see he loves you. You can still be in relationship with him and continue your courtship with Kola and nobody will know. That way, you can choose between them the person that love you more…” Her roommate suggested almost in a whisper. “Ah! Ah! That’s cheating. Don’t say that again o.” Sade interrupted her sharply. “Look, Kola was caring just like brother Kehinde when we started newly but changed along the line when I started refusing certain things he wanted me to be doing. This brother Kehinde is just trying to catch a prey first, once he catches his prey,he will also change like Kola. That’s men for you. I would rather stick to the devil I know than give an angel I don’t know a try.” She said dismissively and handed her a bag of ice cream. “Kehinde bought this for you” she said and began to undress. ” Mid term test is starting tomorrow, I can’t wait for the midterm break so I can rest” she soliloquize. Later in the night, Sade sat up on her reading table ruminating over her previous discussion with her roommate and she began to compare and contrast between Kola and Kehinde. “I wish I met Kehinde before Kola.” She said silently “If Kola was half as caring and understandable as Kehinde, I would have nothing to worry about but he is so full of himself… But what will people say if I break up with Kola? Ah! I don’t want to be a topic on people’s lips ” She thought worriedly within herself. “But my roommate is right, should I give Kehinde a try too? Ah! God help my heart, am not used to double lifestyle o” she prayed under her breathe. The words of that pastor’s daughter that visited her roommate in the afternoon came flashing in her mind again and she began to give it a thought. After some minutes, she came to a conclusion not to break up with Kola and still maintain her friendship with Kehinde. “After all, I already told him am engaged and he didn’t seem to be bothered about it” she concluded as she rested her head on the reading table,and from there she slept off. Kola didn’t call nor responded to Sade’s calls all that week and the week after but Kehinde kept calling and checking on her to know how she was doing, so the friendship between them began to grow into a more intimate one because she enjoyed the spiritual contributions he made in her life each time they were together. Apart from the financial and material benefits she also enjoyed from him, he always talked her into going the extra miles to actualize her dreams and it was one of those motivational words that made her picked up her Masters form to further her studies and also began to put her songs together. “Sister Sade, you are gifted and you are spiritual too. You have the Holy Ghost on your inside and it’s obvious when ever you stand to minister in songs. Put the songs you have been receiving through inspiration together and release an album. God did not give you the gift of singing so that you will end up manifesting only in the church choir, the world needs to hear your voice. I don’t see any difference between your voice and that of Sinach. Wake up and build your self, the world is waiting for your albums to bless them. Don’t see yourself here, you are meant for the top. Don’t think about how to get the money, just start working on them first; God who gave you those inspired songs will make provisions for the studio works and everything needed to be done. You have wasted time and divine resources enough, Sade it’s time to rise and build…” Kehinde spoke passionately to her and her bones caught fire so much that she went home that evening and started assembling all the songs she received and began to sing them one after the other, and began to work on them. She became very occupied with her job, working on her songs, and with Kehinde as he began to take her to the studio twice in a week so much that she forgot that Kola ever existed. On one of their normal hang outs, Kehinde summoned the courage and asked Sade the relationship between her and Kola. She wasn’t expecting the question, so her heart skipped and began to beat fast. She lowered her head sadly and after some minutes of silence, she gathered the courage and said, “He’s my fiancé” she replied without looking up at him. “What!” he shouted in surprised, then tried to cover up his surprises. “Uhm… Sorry for the way I shouted. I mean, how come he treated you the way he did that day?” He queried but Sade was not ready to talk about Kola and how he treated her, so silence permeated the place. When he saw that she was not ready to talk about her relationship with Kola, he sighed and said. “Well, Kola and I attended the same University,same fellowship and were in the same department on campus. He used to be very spiritual and was our prayer coordinator back then. I was just surprised he could handle someone that way, let alone the woman he claim to love” he explained. “Sometimes, i wonder why people keep loving people who don’t care about their feelings and ignore those who love them genuinely” he told himself silently and Sade stared at him,unable to ask question in her mind. When her roommate saw that she had gotten very intimate with Kehinde , she collected Kolade’s number from her phone and called him to inform him that Sade was seeing another man…. To be continued

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