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Be firm in your Assignment, Be Bold about your conviction, Stay unwavering and loud about Jesus in your lifestyle and Message.

There is no time to feel petty or hurt for those who haven't been around to help or support you. It may not matter for long‼️

Relationships are good, but never play down on the principle of separation ( It will save you from alot ).

Be more keen about God's voice and Leading than Trends and Buzz.

What matters more is our ultimate Audience of one.

Be humble in your Disposition and be full of wisdom

 as you live out your supposed kingdom driven Assignment. 

Don't pay for the acceptance of men ( They are sometimes Fallible and Desperate in their insatiable Drive for what satisfies their Ego. )

Be a God pleaser and a people lover, but be Discerning and smart enough to withdraw for the sake of your sanity.

You are Yaweh's Delight and He wants more from you.... this can only be attained when your sanity is pure and your focus is Right.

Be full of God's spirit, Full of love, stay consistent in prayers and the word, be contented to what Time and your Capacity has given, but also be driven by a pure desire to be more for the betterment of yourself. 

Gird yourself with great characters around you, be sensitive to the times and be smart enough to equip yourself for what is to come that will shake the world.


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