God is still giving His daughters to His sons. The theory people have about God being done with choosing a spouse for us a half truth.

 It is a half truth because it becomes true for you when you believe that God has taken His hands off choosing a spouse for you. 

The narrative that God stopped giving spouses to His children because Adam blamed his fall on the woman God gave him is very wrong, a misguided exegesis that many have passed around for singles to believe. 

Hear it from me beloved, and I speak with the authority of one entrusted with the burden to reveal the heart of the Father;

God is very much interested in your marriage, and God is always ready to choose a spouse for you if you are willing to let Him lead you, just like He led the man and the woman to each other in Eden. 

Listen, that Adam failed to nurture and guide the wife God gave him does not mean that Abraham could not command his household. - Genesis 18:19. 

Joseph took responsibility for Mary, a wife that God gave to him.

Isaac commanded the wife God choose for him by the well, Rebecca.

You can choose to believe that God has stopped giving sons to daughters and daughters to sons, but for us the tribe of Zion, we know that whatever God does not give to us is not ours. 

Oh, you expect me to choose a wife based on my own logic and intelligent observations? I will fail, woefully leaning on my own understanding. 

I'm still interested in God choosing for me. 

I still want the Eden principle to be applicable in my own marriage. 

The Scriptures have shown me where Adam failed as a husband, so I have every reason to succeed haven learnt from him.

Adam must have failed to prosecute the intention of God upon receiving a wife from Him, but now I know the intention of God concerning that Eden agenda, and I'm prepared to prosecute it to the end.

Eve must have failed to implement the assignment given to her as a helpmeet to her husband, but I now know how Elizabeth stood firm.

I know how Zipporah honored a covenant on behalf of her husband.

I know how Esther fought to set a generation on fire.

I know how Mary modelled the Kingdom reality of a mother to her supernatural son.

I know how Rebecca enquires of the Lord when she runs into a deep.

I know, oh I know. 

I know how to get over the bridges Eve could not cross. 

Choose a spouse for me Lord, give me your assignment. I now know the original intention of the covenant, and I'm available to be used as a channel for that reality.

Type I'M AVAILABLE if this is you!





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