Reasons why we shouldn't dishonour fathers of faith

1. Consistency
Most of the fathers of faith we criticize or speak against today are the reason why some of us came to know Jesus and now speak in tongues

When their peers gave up on Christianity and ministry because of hunger, persecution and lack, they held on

Some of us are not even sure of standing in faith in the next five years. We are still dealing with secret  addictions and weaknesses they overcame when they were our age

We may appear to be more civilized than them but they have more experience with God than we do, especially the genuine ones

 A wise man once said, "no matter how many clothes you have, your father has more rags, respect him."

2. They are human beings and not spirits. Being human beings means they are susceptible to mistakes

God knows we are not perfect as human beings but he calls us and uses us.
It's easier to fail than to succeed as human beings, yet many of them are still standing after many years of persecution and hard labour in ministry

In the words of Apostle Arome Osayi, "we are bags of weaknesses and infirmities as human beings." 

Any man succeeding is simply helped by God. 

I hope you know you will make your own mistakes? Should your children or the generation after you crucify you when you do?

3. That a father preaches what you don't accept or believe does not make his or her revelation archaic or false, it only means they know in part and speak in part.

Nobody has monopoly of revelation, only the Spirit of God knows it all. And The Spirit gives it to us as He pleases

Revelation is progressive. What you know and preach now has an updated version and that version will be committed to the generation after you. Should the generation after you spend it's time correcting your version of the revelation?

*Nobody is given the ministry of correcting fathers, no matter how anointed they are.

Even if an elder errs, there is a prescribed fashion by which they should be corrected as recorded in 1st Timothy 5:1

4. It is true that what you criticize disappears. 

Fathers may be humans like you and I, but God has put unfathomable treasures in them. We will only inherit those spiritual treasures IF we honour them.

Success is not cheap. Success is not easy. How do you know something isn't cheap or easy? When only few people have it

Most of the fathers we criticize have succeeded. Infact we desire to be like them. God will not let us have close to what they have if we continue to dishonour them

You can't attract or have what you despise

5. You will also be a father someday. 

What kind of children will you produce as a father?
And if charity actually begins at home then your children will also fight you before they fight outsiders.

You reap what you sow!

-Your brother Michael Tse

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