No matter how DEEP you are trying to sound in your message,

Make sure your audience are understanding you.

Make sure the people you are throwing those deep rhema to are following you..

Study your audience and know the kind of message to release to them..

Stop preaching Deep rhema and revelation with heavy Grammer to a woman at 80 years it may be a waste of time..

 Stop preaching Dimensions and portals to a  believer who just gave his/her life to Christ, 

That believer need to understand the Foundation of his/her Christian faith before understanding Dimensions and portals..

Stop trying to sound Deep all the time..

There are certain people no matter how deep you may be, they will never understand you..

All they need is a simple message that is easy to understand..

Stop giving bones to people who need milk, if not you will damage their health..

Please know your audience,

Before you start sounding Deep..

I hope this blessed your life..

Enjoy your weekend.

My name is prosper Kings


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