Growing up I often look out for patterns in people. I was always emulating what people do and sometimes, I emulated the wrong things.

But time have Passed, seasons have changed, God has brought my way the write package in a man---Bishop Okwudili Eze, the mandated prophet.

The Christian life is full of emulations... We learn christ by looking up to those who have become a representative of God to a generation.

What we see in our today's world shows that many folks do not have the discipline to read or study the Bible.

But, my father in the faith has variously said that it is pride to look for what has been found.

This is true... Say that you are looking for God when God has taken residence in a man is pride at work... Think about this!

Paul the Apostle emphatically said... Follow me [emulate me] as I follow christ.

1 Corinthians 11vs1.

Another good verse said that we should follow them [emulate them] who through faith and patience inherit the promise.

Hebrews 6vs12.


1. Humility and Meekness.

Being the personal assistant for years has made me interface with many who came counseling possibly referral and they kept asking me..."Are sure that I will see the prophet today sir?"... One even asked me the other day, "Please where will I drop my offering to see the man of God?" and I answered audaciously, you do not have to pay to see the prophet. And when they come out of the office, there impression is that shock because they thought  they will meet with one harsh, quick-to-judge man of God. But the humility they saw, humbled them the more. Bishop Okwudili Eze once said... "Even if I Pastor the world and have all money in the world, it won't change who I am". Again he said... "Am humble not because of the people but because humility is part of consecration that keeps my oil flowing".

Though, this has been abused by the untrained and uncultured folks, yet the wise one are always greatful for the access!

2. Prayerful lifestyle.

Any one that fellowship with Bishop Okwudili Eze will always remark that he's mostly all about prayer!

If you don't know how to pray, if you meet Bishop Okwudili Eze, you must learn how to pray. If you hate prayer, meet Bishop Okwudili Eze you will fall in love with prayers. If you pray life or altar is going down or cold, meet Bishop Okwudili Eze, fire will fall on you.

Recently, Bishop Okwudili Eze made revealing statement that prayerlessness sponsors carnality and lack of revival both on individual and corporate level.

3. Discipline lifestyle.

Bishop Okwudili Eze is core disciplinarian. Nonsense and stupidity does not thrive around him. You will always hear my Papa say.. I HATE MEDIOCRES!

Bishop Okwudili Eze always emphasize on prudence, discipline and hard work in life. Showing off and materialism is far from Bishop Okwudili Eze's mantra. Discipline about everything is always the message to the youth from the Mandated prophet.

4. Generosity and Open hearted.

Bishop Okwudili Eze is known putting smiles on people's face. The openness of heart of Bishop Okwudili Eze could be liken to that of a baby. Always open to a fault. Always ready to listen and help. I remember my Papa clearing his wardrobe... Giving out suits, shoes, elegant wristwatches, cash, cars, contacts etc

5. Truthful and Loving lifestyle.

If want to hear the truth, Bishop Okwudili Eze is your sure plug. His truth is sharp, direct, precise and healing. He will always say that the truth that cannot hurt, can't heal you.

Another aspect is my Papa's loving nature. Bishop Okwudili Eze loves people naturally. Big or small, tall or short, dark or light, learned and unlearned, rich or poor... No segregation with Bishop Okwudili Eze. No wonder he is loved by people also.

6. Godly family and transformational ministry:

Even in heaven, they know that my Papa loves his wife Pst. Ifeoma Eze passionately and recklessly. They have both Preacher purity and abstainance from illicit sexual activities before marriage.

The ministry of Bishop Okwudili Eze is transformational. There are myraid of testimonies to justify this. Bishop Okwudili Eze and his wife Pst. Ifeoma Eze believe that it takes a good home front to run a good ministry. No wonder they are both concerned with helping believers build a godly family and raise God fearing children that will become world changers.

This page won't be enough to write all I know about Bishop Okwudili Eze, the mandated prophet!

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