Gifts that works for a man when dating...



Pair of socks.

Any kind of deodorants and body spray.

Handkerchief (because you think he is a cultural dancer, some of you women even buy your man white handgloves as a traffic warden that he is)

Gifts that works for your man when married... I mean your husband...

A complete clipper set. Very important, every husband needs one.

A complete bodycare set please. Don't buy us Nivea rollon, Alamander perfume, kwashioko body spray, and aboniki aftershave. All on one body? Different brands that will confuse our spirit, nope. In marriage we upgrade. Buy us a complete set of skincare product, let Nivea be a whole set of Nivea. 

Buy yourself your own phone charger so we can be using our one charger in peace, please. Its also a very good gift.不不

But do you want to hear the unique one? Come closer let me whisper it to your ear...

Try not to spend all the money he gives you to spend on yourself, save some for him, because he will always come back to borrow it tomorrow. 

As husbands, we have this mental banking system in our head. When we give our wives money we still put some hope on that money. So we cannot come back in two days to ask you to lend us some money and you say you have spent all, how? After we have put our body and soul in the money? 不 It's not fair. 

This is one of the best gifts you can give to your husband, that moment when you go to him and say; "Babe, I still have some of the money you gave me for my shopping, like N200k left, incase you need some money for anything."

Please learn how to be a good wife and God will keep blessing you. 不不不不不不不不不不





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