NOT EVERYBODY COULD HAVE MARRIED MY HUSBAND – DR. BECKY ENENCHE (Wisdom for singles and married)_ Pst Becky Enenche


Married women, you are an help meet. That was the original thing God said when He was to make you in Genesis chapter 2. “..let us make him an help meet" – suitable, adequate, adapted for him. If you marry in the will of God, God will give you the person that is suitable for you. Can I tell you the truth? Not everybody could have married my husband. Because, today you know him like this, tomorrow he is doing another exploit. 

Sometimes you enter where he is, “shukubarakatakatakata…” his face is in the attitude of prayer. If you don’t have liver, you can’t survive it. Don’t look at another person’s husband or wife and say “oh, how I wish this was the man or woman I married…” Except you are called for such, you can’t.

I’ve said this many times before, when we were to get married, I went and met my mum, I told her first... I told her that I had found who I wanted to marry. You know, he used to be around so she knew most of the people I associated with, so I told her and she said “ah, that brother, he doesn’t smile”. She was genuinely concerned. Of all things, that was the first one she said, “he doesn’t smile, can you cope with him?”

I think God has empowered me with enough dosage of smile to cover up, but now we are mutually smiling and he is almost smiling more than me. And I think I am getting more serious, I’m almost more serious than him. 

So God gives you who you are to help. You are not to go and enforce his change, you are to conform to him. I’m sorry if that breaks your bubbles ladies but that’s the truth. In the place of submission anything God needs to do with him, God will do it for you, not you.

You are created to be a HELP MEET not a HURT MATE. You are created to be a COMPANION not a COMPETITOR. Know when to assist, know when to step aside and let him be. Know when to give him his space. Know when to encourage him. Know when to stand by him.

- Dr Mrs Becky Paul Enenche



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