NO MARRIAGE IS PERFECT _ Allyson Hyacintho


No marriage is perfect

Sometimes when my wife tries to talk to me concerning something I did, I don't listen. I don't want to listen. And I don't care.

Yes I don't care. 

Infact, the more she tries talking to me about it, the more angrier I get. I don't want to hear whatever she has to say. 

Even though what she is saying is right. Even when what she is saying is the correct counsel, I don't care, and I don't want to hear it.

But six hours later after we have observed our covenant hour of prayer at home, she'll say "Babe, are you still angry? Was it something I said? But I was only saying that bla bla bla."

In that moment, I keep calm and listen to her repeat all that she was saying six hours ago. 

Then I'll say to her, "This things you are telling me now, was it the same way you were saying it 6hours ago?"

I'll listen, take her counsel, and make peace.

Relax, I'm not trying to be so spiritual to say that we are able to resolve our issues because we observed our covenant hour of prayer. 

I'm trying to say YES, communication is important, but your tone in communication is most important. 

Your attitude in communication is more important than the point you are rightly trying to prove.

Your body language In communication is most important also. 

I wasn't interested in listening to all my wife had to say. I was stubbornly ignoring her even when all she was saying was right. But 6hours later she repeated the same words all over again, this time, with a tone that communicates love, honour and respect.

And this experience happens vice versa. 

Look, I don't know who I'm speaking to, but please take time to study your partner. 

Know the best time to discuss certain matters with them.

There is no urgency in your being right today, when you still have tomorrow to be right. 

He or she doesn't have to listen to you today, when they can still hear you tomorrow. 

You don't have to scream at your partner right now, when you still have later to speak about it calmly.

You can be right, but if your tone and body language is wrong, you are wrong also. 




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