Many HAVE sex but few MAKE love._ Nick I Thomas

 Many HAVE sex but few MAKE love. You can have sex without love but in lovemaking, your heart is as Naked as your body, as you RAVISH every part of your partner's body with honour without shame. 

In lovemaking, every part of your partner's body is as desirable and delicious to you as their honeypot and bananas. 🍌 

I repeat, EVERY PART OF YOUR PARTNER'S BODY. Not just their "PUNA" and "TUNA"

In lovemaking, you MAKE LOVE HAPPEN. To make means to CREATE. In other words, you seek pleasurable ways to create an atmosphere of love, trust and deeper intimacy with your partner. 


In lovemaking, you experience intimate intercourse, where your hearts are connected, not just your bodies. 

Unfortunately, some couples have sex every night but find it difficult to embark on the journey of becoming "ONE FLESH," which is the soul of lovemaking. 

I once heard of a woman who would always mention the name of her EX boyfriend each time her husband makes love to her and this lasted for 3 years in their early marriage. Somehow, the one had been sexually yoked with her EX to the point that his pictures still appear to her when the husband makes love to her.

As a couple, how you TREAT YOUR PARTNER'S BODY is proof of how much you CHERISH, RAVISH and are WILLING to LAVISH your love to him/her. If you feel that there are parts of your partner's body that irritates you, this may block your emotions during intercourse and make some couples have sex just to fulfil all righteousness, not because they are heartily passionate about making them FEEL LOVED IN BED.

Some couples have lost confidence in themselves because of how their partners treat their sexual needs, preferences and some parts of their body. 

In lovemaking, you use INTERCOURSE to COMMUNICATE and EXPRESS the DEPTH of your heart towards your partner. 

You are not just there to selfishly CUM/ORGASM and recline to your shell like a snail. You are there to RELISH their emotions and body and to express how grateful you are to have them in your life. You just want to eat them. Lick them. Suck them, kiss them, feel the heat of their heart and the warmth of intimacy that oozes out from the sandwiches of your bodies as both of you recommit to the vow of faithfulness and reassure each other of your undying love. 

Sex makes no sense if we aren't making love. 


© Nick I. Thomas

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