I Have Closed Church Service In 25 minutes Because Of Discouragement 

Pastor David Ibiyeomie 


You think I have not failed before? I have had serious failure. I said to myself, "I must succeed" and I was determined.

First program we did in this church, we printed 20,000 handbills and not up to 5 people came. After spreading 20,000 handbills for a massive program, the whole church was not up to 5 people who came. 

One day, my wife and I were doing church and then, I closed service in 25 minutes. But I told myself, "I must succeed". Our membership was just two, myself and my wife and some children. Don't give up!

Determination to succeed starts with a desire. Desire is where success begins. 

Don't let disappointment, failure, discouragement, problems or defeat keep you down. Refuse to quit! 

Push your way through, breakthrough the cloud. There may be challenges, but don't give up!

Satan will not oppose you if you don't have something great. Everytime you see opposition, that mean, in that thing you are doing, God hands is involved.

Is not late yet, you can open a new chapter for your life.

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