In my university days, 100 Level to be precise, we were attacked by armed guys one Saturday night.

Up till now I still don't know how these guys managed to rub twenty one rooms in the compound, successfully, and neither room knew that the other room was being robbed until dawn.

When they got to our room, they  didn't even make much noise. We were three in the room. They just showed us knife and gun and told us that if we made any noise they would stab or shoot us. My roommates and I only had Torchlight phones that year. They collected the phones.

I started crying and begging them because I bought that phone with my own money. They gave me two heavy knocks on my head and told me to shut up.

Thank goodness I borrowed someone my system that weekend.

They searched every nooks and crannies in the room but couldn't find any valuable item or money.

So they went through my phone's inbox and noticed that the last money I withdrew from my Bank was 500 naira and that my account balance was remaining 123 naira or so.

The robbers began to laugh and gave me back my Torchlight phone, together with that of my roommates. Before they left, they counted 3000 naira and gave each of us 1000 naira, then they advised us to study hard so they could find something reasonable to steal from us in future.


After they left, my two roommates and I started praising and thanking God for making us poor 🌝




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