-Pastor David Ibiyeomie at Salvation Ministries Home of Success| Week of Spiritual Empowerment, Day 1

I command you spirit of infirmity, by his stripes you are healed, himself (Jesus) took your infirmities and bore your sicknesses, every disease in your body, every plague in your body, I command it to go in the name of Jesus. I command that growth to dry up from its root in the name of Jesus. I command the pains to leave your body and you will be made perfectly whole. 

Father heal them all, because by your stripes we were healed. Heal every sickness. I command every sickness to be healed in Jesus mighty name. I command it done in Jesus name . We will take testimony later while we share God’s Word. 

Father speak to us now, let your Word come with power. I see healing from back ache, from sore throats, somebody is booked for surgery right in this service, for fibroid surgery, you're healed and the mass is gone, for you to know, you're bleeding right now, the first sign is that the bleeding has stopped and the visible mass is gone in the name of Jesus. You are full of fear and you said God remember my case and God heard you, thank you Jesus. Give him a big hand and you may be seated. 

Praise the Lord!!!

How are you?

Your testimony will be the next in the precious name of Jesus. 




Listen, if you're going to board a flight, most times they will ask you to show your identity, to know whether you're the owner of the ticket with you. If you say, don't you know me, I am this and that, they will not answer you, they need a form of identification. You can't say that, can't you see that I am fair, I am yellow, I am black, I am tall don't you know who I am. ChurchGist. They will need a form of identification before you can board your flight, to know that you're the owner of the ticket with you. Many also, when they want to identify them, they use their tribes, colour, they use their job, they say that I am a black man, don't you know that I am from Rivers State, don't you know I am an engineer. They use their family to identify themselves as the strongest root of their lives. 

Identification, identity, identical, identified are related to each other. 

What is identification? 

According to Webster dictionary it defines it as considering or treating the same, the condition or fact of being the same with all qualities under consideration. ChurchGist. Your strongest root in Christianity is when you know who you are in Christ Jesus. Galatians 2:20. Whatever I am, it is Christ that has made me so, that is Paul's message here. He said look, in case you want to know who I am, I am made of who He is. 

Ephesians 2: 4-5. We are made alive with Christ, if you see me, you see Christ, this is what Paul was saying. If you want to know who I am, I am exactly like Him, the anointed one. Galatians 6:14. Let me say this to you people of God, you can't rise in life above the understanding of who you are. ChurchGist. You just know who God says you're and what God says you're, many don't know who they are in Christ, no idea. 

You know why it's important? Even in the natural there are people who don't know who they are, for instance there are people in Nigeria of which police will stop and tell them that they are wandering, and police will take them to custody. You can't wander in your own Country. Because of the ignorance of the belief of the Nigerian they will tell him to stop that he is wandering. You cannot wander in your own Country. They will say that you're illegal, you're an alien, you're wanted. ChurchGist. It is difficult for a policeman to arrest a lawyer, when they know he/she is a lawyer they will say leave him, let him carry his problem and be going. They hate lawyers like anything, because they know a lawyer knows his left from his right. You can't wander in your own Country. How can you wander in your own country? Yet, there are some people crying that they were arrested for wandering and they tell them to identify themselves, they saw your level of ignorance. But from this day; you will know who you're. 

Who determines your true identity? Many people have an identity crisis, because of what they hear, what they see and what they believe. When you understand your root to bear fruits will not be a problem. ChurchGist. Because of our kinds of teachings even our children have been revolutionised in their mental system. 

A son from this Commission went to a school in the United States and they said they have a special black history day and they wanted him to come for the black history day. So, he asked them is there a white history day, the white ones told him, you have to go and know your black slavery root, he said I am not a slave. So, why must we have a black history day? Is there any white history day? He said it's nonsense. So, the lecturer looked at him twice and wondered why he was thinking like that. Because his perspective is different, he said we should not have a black history day, we should also have a white history day. Because if the black has history, white should also have a history day. ChurchGist. Do you know that till today, some people see themselves as black? I am not a black man, I will never be a black man because there is nobody like a black book, I am not a black man, there is nobody like a black book for goodness’ sake and there is no white man, have you seen anybody like a white handkerchief. 

A handkerchief is white in colour and we were taught that it is white except what they taught us is not correct. Is there any mortal man with the colour of a white handkerchief? Therefore, no black and white man. It's a misplacement of English language from those who taught us English. There is no black history day, I hate that nonsense, you don't know your roots. ChurchGist.  Any day they tell you that you're a black man and you accept then you don't know your root. I am not a black man, I will never be a black man, maybe you're asking what kind of man am I? I am a man. There is no black and white, we are all men and women. 

So, who determines your true identity? Now, God is the only one who can tell you who you're, God called Gideon a man of valour, when he was defeated and hiding from the enemy. He changed Abram to Abraham, he gave him a new identity. He called him a father of many Nations, that is the meaning of Abraham, when he had no child. He changed Sarai to Sarah which means princess. He gave her an identity. Jacob means deceiver, he was changed to Israel, which means Peace of God that is why they can't destroy Israel as a Nation, they can't destroy the peace of God. They had all their identity changed to have a new inheritance. ChurchGist. In the New Testament Jesus changed Simon to Peter meaning a piece of rock and Peter caught the revelation of the Identity of Jesus, he said flesh and blood has not told you who I am. Matthew 16: 16-19. Saul was also changed to Paul. Don't let anyone else tell you who you are or what you are like. Only God has the right to determine your true identity. 

Anybody that looks at you and gives you a name, it's not correct, your true identity is who God says you're, say I am what God says I am. ChurchGist. Any name not given to you by God is fake. Let me tell you for instance, say with me: there is no more condemnation. Romans 8:1. Do you know that many have magnified sin above redemption? There shouldn't be a sense of unworthiness when standing before God. 

Many have the sense of unrighteousness built in us by preachers. Even in churches where they pray, they say unworthy sinners like us in prayers, have you not heard it before? Lord, we have come to you, we unworthy sinners, that is a satanic and demonic prayer, it's not correct, you're not an unworthy sinner, Jesus paid the price for you, so how can you term yourself unworthy and people think it's religion, they kneel down and cry. ChurchGist. Lord, look at us unworthy sinners. You have heard so many things from preachers that have affected your mind unknowingly. 2nd Corinthians 5:17-21. All things have become new, including unworthiness. We have been made the righteousness of God because of the price Jesus paid. So, you're not unrighteous or unworthy, you have been made righteous. 

Listen, do you pray to be a Nigerian if you're born in Nigeria, do you pray to be an American if you're born in America. You don't pray to be righteous if you're born again. You're not unworthy. Sin consciousness is built in us through ignorance, our sins have been wiped out as though they have never been in existence. We are the very righteousness of God in Christ Jesus, not because of what we did but because of what Jesus did, say with me the sin problem is settled, I share with Christ, in his death, I shared with Christ, in his suffering, I shared with Him, in his righteousness I am made alive with Him, I rose with him and I am seated with him in heavenly places, I am free from condemnation, I am free from the guilt of my old life, I believe the Word of God and that settles it. 


Your first vital link to living a life of faith is understanding who you really are in Christ. That is why I am laying this foundation today. You don't walk in faith if you don't understand who you really are in Christ, because when you want to walk in faith, so many things will begin to fight with you, so many things will begin to battle with your mind, except you know who you're it will be difficult for you to walk in faith. ChurchGist. If you don't know your identity Satan can tell you that who told you that you're qualified to stand before me, he will tell you that don't you know who you were before, a prostitute and you want to cast me out. All your faith will die, if you don't know who you're. 

Satan can tell you; you remember you were in the brothel and you want to cast me out. Because you don't know who you are; that if any man be in Christ Jesus... Then ignorant people will tell you to come and do deliverance for 14 days. Even if you don't talk to anybody, he still talks to you through your mind. You! You!! Look at your life, your grandfather was poor, your great grandfather was poor, you too are poor, who told you that you would be rich? Look at your lineage, all of them are poor. And you just succumb. ChurchGist. Even when you're praying, the whole prayer will just die down and you start thinking about your family problem. Knowingly you know look at your biological father and you say we are going to do deliverance for our family. You’re not in any man's family, if any man be in Christ.... You now belong to God's family, but your mind has been renewed so you can walk in faith until you understand who you're. John 3:3, 6-8.  So, when you're born again you no longer belong to your family, your lineage has changed. 

John 3:7. If you're not born again the sin of Adam will remain. When you're born again, people will not understand how you get results, they will not understand how things happen in your life but they will just be seeing the effect if it, may that become your testimony. So, stop saying ordinary men like me. There is a common slang: what can a man do? It is not correct. Not a child of God. 

John 1:12-13. If you're born again, you're no longer of the blood lineage of your parentss. The sins of your parentss can't affect you, you're no longer born of the biological blood of your father, that lineage and everything that happens from that lineage has been cancelled and resolved forever. ChurchGist. You're stainless, sinless and pure. All the things your parentss did, your mind has to shift, all the things your father did that is making you say it's in your bloodline, all those are nonsense, stop saying that, it's your ignorance line. All the things your parents did cannot affect you because you are no longer born of Nicodemus, you're no longer born of your father, you're now born of God. So, whatever happens from the lineage you come from cannot happen to you because you're now born of God. But if you don't know it, Satan will get hold of you. 

He will stay showing you what happened to your family that will happen to you and unknowingly he'll start showing you in your dream. You begin to see things and believe that they are true. Satan manipulates based on your ignorance. He will show you dreams of how your family people have been suffering, he can show where everybody is on rags. He will show you on rags in your family's house. Why will you see yourself in your family's house, why don't you see yourself in Heaven's mansion. ChurchGist. Nothing in this world can make me see myself in Polo (where my biological parents came from). I can't imagine what will carry me to see polo, for what? In the dream. I would rather see myself in big places. You know, the mind is powerful. Satan works on the mind. That is why the Bible says, casting down every evil imagination, I command everything making you see such cancelled in your life. 



Personalise it and say I'm forgiven. Ephesians 1:6-7. Say with me: I am forgiven. All your sins are forgiven before God, God will not condemn you. Romans 8:1. You don't walk according to what people say, you don't walk according to the details of your flesh, you don't walk by your carnal reasons. ChurchGist. You walk according to the Word of God, you're forgiven all bad things you have done, things left undone, even things you said, wrong things you have thought, God said he has forgiven you all. So, stop carrying sin consciousness. 

Who are you? I'm forgiven


1st Corinthians 3:16,23; 6:19-20. Tell Satan you don't own this body, who owns it? God. Say with me: I belong to him. He owns me and he paid for me, he paid a price for my body. 

Listen, if you follow me not one sickness will remain in your body, who paid for you? Jesus, the highest price was paid for you, do you know how valuable you are? He paid the highest price for your body, that this body should glorify God, does sickness glorify him? Does cancer glorify God? 

Does pain glorify God?  This body must glorify God. ChurchGist. Does sickness glorify him?  Today you sleep on the bed tomorrow you're in the hospital, is he glorified? The next day you're given all sorts of injections, does that glorify him? Whatever does not glorify God in your body, the price that he has paid to rescue you , he paid it completely. Say with me: I have been bought, Satan I belong to Jesus, I am his own property. God is giving me a deep insight, deep revelation. 

You know if you have a wife and someone wants to molest her, you will react as a man, you will say shut up I paid the price for her, this is my wife, God said that is how I will react to you. If you want to see a man react; insult the wife, he will tear you into pieces, why? He paid the price for her head, he paid her dowry, he married her properly, that is how God paid your price. So, today whatever is trying to molest your body is cursed in the name of Jesus. ChurchGist. That cancer is cursed in the name of Jesus. That pain is cursed in the name of Jesus. Say with me: my body must glorify God. Tap it and say this body must glorify God, Satan take your hands off, I have been bought with a price, my body must glorify God. I have my testimony just now, which I can't tell you, right now. My body must glorify God. You know sometimes you stress yourself and you begin to see your body otherwise, your body must glorify God. ChurchGist. Pain can't be part of you, I command that pain to go right now, I command that disease to go right now, your body must glorify God in the name of Jesus. That sickness must leave right now, if you believe it, say amen like a believer. He owns me and he bought me with a price. 


Stop saying nobody loves me, in case nobody loves you, he loves you, say with me I am loved. 1st John 4:19. God loves us deeply, we know it because he has given us his most precious gift, his son Jesus. John 3:16. In case you say nobody loves you just know that God loves you, his love is enough, don't ever feel unloved just feel loved. ChurchGist. Don’t just say nobody loves me, that is not correct. God loves me and if God loves me; one with God is majority, his love is enough, I don't care who loves me or not, in case you think nobody loves you, just know that God loves you. Day with me: He loves me. 


You're rescued. 1st Timothy 2:5-6. He gave himself a ransom to rescue you. Ransom means a price in your place so that you will not die. 

Who am I? I am rescued, I can't die. Say it. Matthew 29:28. He came to give his life a ransom for many and I am among the many, he rescues me from destruction. ChurchGist. Papa Oyedepo wrote a book "Rescued from Destruction". He rescued me from destruction, nothing will destroy you. Say with me: I am rescued. I am unkillable, I cannot be destroyed in the name of Jesus. It's what you confess that you possess, I can't be destroyed, no devil, no witch, no occultic force can destroy my life, I am indestructible in the name of Jesus, because I am rescued. Who am I? I am rescued. 


Romans 5:10. 2nd Corinthians 5:18-19. He has reconciled my life back to God. Because of Jesus you have free access to God. You have been reunited with God there is no gap between you and God. You have been reunited with God. Colossians 1:21-22. Are you getting what I am saying now? 


Who is God's choice here? 1st Peter 2:9. Say with me: I am chosen. Who is chosen? If they want to choose somebody, who will they choose? If God chose me, nobody can reject me. Say with me: I am chosen, I cannot be rejected. Who chose you? Can God choose you and somebody will reject you? Now, I decree from today wherever you go you are God's choice, in your office, in business, in life, in destiny you're God's choice. ChurchGist. Say with me: I am chosen. Who am I in Christ? I am chosen.


Romans 3:23-26; 5:1. We have been justified before God. I use this scripture anytime I am going to pray for a community. No matter the mistake of the community, when I pray for them, the community will be free. ChurchGist. I went to a place in Rivers State called Akpa Itele. 

Akpa Itele is a village years ago, I was told that from the 50s they have not been able to construct a road to the village. From Tafawa Balewa regime down to the time I went, everything they try to construct a road, the truck will sink, they trace the story to discover that in those days white missionaries came there and they sent termite to the people and so the white people cursed the community. ChurchGist. So, from that time it was one problem or the other and I went there to pray for them and when I prayed this was the scripture I used. I said we have been justified, after that prayer, they had an access road for the first time and everything opened up for them.  

Now, listen carefully I went to a community called Poloye in okrika, Okobolo Local Government in Rivers State. If you want to see where Polo is on the map, go and find out. ChurchGist. So, when I went there, before now anybody that rises in that community that rises will fall before, he/she dies, everybody that rises must fall before they die and I prayed the prayer, for over 25 years they had a problem with a neighbouring community and I said because of these prayers the first sign you will see is that road will be constructed, 25 years after they made road and the community people no longer fall. When they rise now, they rise. 

I went to a place called Bayelsa, Bayelsa is in Nigeria, there is a tribe called the Ijaw tribe, Ijaw comprises of the Ijaws the okrika, the Kalabari, the Bonny, the Nembe all of them are called Ijaws. Before now, whoever is in power from Ijaw will never rule two times, they don't finish their tenure, no mortal man told me, God said there is a curse upon Ijaw land, nobody rules twice and He began to show me signs, He said I should watch Okilo, the second time he left, George could not finish, he mentioned all of them, both military and civilian, they always terminate their appointment along the line. He said go and pray and remove the curse upon Ijaw land. ChurchGist. I was in Bayelsa for a crusade, the crusade was thick and the ruling Governor Dickson came, the people never liked him, in fact if possible, he would have left office before that time, but to tell you how powerful it is when words go forth. 

I prayed and I said this curse over Ijaw land is broken and that this Current Governor will finish his term. He finish his term because the curse was broken. He was the first man from Ijaw land that ran an office two times, not even Jonathan finished. Today, I decree for your sake whatever follows people from your family not you, anything that affects your family, that problem is broken. Whatever follows your brothers and sisters because of you, for your sake that curse is broken. ChurchGist. Hear this, in America, so that you don't think I am only making reference to Nigeria. In America, every 20 years the President will be assassinated. It happens every 20 years whomever that is in power will be assassinated and then the Church went into prayers to discover that the American maltreated the Red Indians and they placed a curse in America. 

A man called Ronald Reagan was the current president then and they broke that curse. Now, it got to Ronald Reagan, they shot him but he did not die because the curse was lifted as a sign. I don't know what has followed your village, followed your family but for your sake that curse is lifted. That curse is lifted, it's cancelled in the name of Jesus. Romans 8:1,30. Say with me: I am justified before God; God has declared you innocent because of Christ. ChurchGist. Jesus won your case by paying the penalty for you. Because he has paid it, I decree any penalty you and I could have paid, it is removed. Say it with me: I am justified 

I went to a place called Ahoda, tears almost came down from my eyes on Sunday, when I saw Ahoda I almost wept. Ahoda is in Rivers State but they have been existing as a people for years, I said is this the Ahoda. Haaaa! You don't know how Satan has kept some people captive. ChurchGist. That you have money does not mean that your people have money. ChurchGist. I saw Ahoda and I said is this Ahoda? I prayed from my heart for the community to come out, you can see that Satan sat on Ahoda, nothing to write home about, I shouted what is this? I prayed from my inside. I don't know what you're going through for your sake there will be a change. 

I went to a place called okrika in Rivers State, they used to kill themselves they will fight within themselves, until people are dead, they don't stop and I went and prayed under the chief Segmo, when he was the chief of okrika council of chiefs, the crowd was the largest gathering so far in the eastern part of okrika. ChurchGist. It was on Easter Sunday evening. I said that the curse is broken, they produced the first lady after those prayers. I said the first sign is that you would produce a first lady (Patience Johnathan) and from that time they don't fight anymore. They used to fight with a neighbouring community called Eleme, from that time no fight till today. Whatever that is bringing bloodshed because of what your parents did, for your sake I command that blood shed to stop. Your community will not fight anymore. 



Romans 15:7. Ephesians 1:4-6. Say with me: I am accepted, I am no longer rejected, I have been welcomed into God's family. 1st Peter 2:10. How many know that God has accepted you? If God has accepted you, can anybody reject you. Say with me: from today, there is no where I will go to, that I will be rejected. Can they reject you? 

From today you won't be rejected anywhere. It is what you confess you possess. Say again: From today I will not enter anywhere and be rejected. When you enter an embassy what will happen? When you go for an appointment? When you go for admission? Whatever I go for? I will be accepted.


Colossians 1:13. Romans 5:8-10. We are saved from wrath, from sin, from death, from Satan and from the sinful system. 

We have three kinds of wrath.

A) The wrath of God 

😎 The wrath of men 

C) The wrath of the devil.

Listen, they brought a boy from the University of Port Harcourt. This boy was choking every 30 minutes, they took him to the hospital nothing could be done. ChurchGist. They prayed nothing happened, doctors got tired, the stepmother said this boy will die if we leave him like this. He was choking and convulsing. Then they brought him, we prayed every prayer, he didn't stop convulsing. I paused and the Holy Ghost said to me, it's a wrath. ChurchGist. So, I instructed everybody to move, I asked him what did you do? He said sir I belong to a cult and we eat Human flesh, I said that is what is causing all these, hope you know? He looked at me again. He said they killed a boy and ate the flesh and drank his blood, the moment he said that I knew that was the reason.  All I prayed was that by the Blood of Jesus, the wrath be lifted.  

All the prayer that was made for three days, he was still dying. ChurchGist. Just the wrath and you know that Jesus by his own mercy and blood has saved you from wrath, sin and death. I don't know what is hanging on your head as a death sentence, today I decree in the name of Jesus, that wrath is lifted. Every wrath of death that Satan wants to use to kill you and accuse you with, that wrath is lifted by the Blood of Jesus. For the sins that are past that Satan wants to use against you, I declare the wrath to be removed in the name of Jesus. I am calling from a deep revelation. Every wrath hanging on anyone's head under this unction I command that wrath removed. Say with me: I am saved from wrath, sin, death, Satan and the sinful system. 

10) YOU'RE FREE.  

John 8:36. Say with me: I have been set free, if the son shall set you free, you are free. So, do you know that you can be free from any habit, even smoking you can be free from it. Whatever has held any of us captive be free in the name of Jesus. 

That habit that us trying to destroy anyone be free by the Blood of Jesus. ChurchGist. A young boy said he has gambled to a point that it became habitual; it became an addiction. There are people that betting has become an addiction to them, that if they don't bet their body will be shaking. If you have ever had anybody around you who is a cocaine addict, except they are free, when they don't have the cocaine, they begin to shake uncontrollably, physically they begin to vibrate, they can sell anything just to get the they can sell anything at that point, you see them physically shaking because the cocaine is not available. 

If they see the cocaine they will buy it for any amount, they can drop their phone or anything. Now, it has held them captive but Jesus has set them free. ChurchGist. I command anything holding anyone captive, be free in the name of Jesus. Say with me: I have been set free, the enemy can't hold me bound with any negative habit, I have been set free, I am free. 


Romans 6:11. Say I am alive. It's what you say that God confirms, say with me: I am alive. Romans 8:9-11. Somebody's kidney that was dead will jack back as I am talking, somebody's organ that was down will jack back as I am talking. ChurchGist. Say with me: I am alive, my organs are alive, every part of me is alive, I am alive, my eyes, my kidney, my heart, everything is alive, my legs, my body is alive, my liver, my organs, everything is alive. My ears, my eyes, my everything is alive, I am alive. Till your time on earth is over, you will not need a walking aid, you will be walking with your legs, you will not be on a hospital bed as a sick person, who am I in Christ? I am alive. Ephesians 2:4-5. We are alive in Christ, can Christ die? Simple. I am alive with Christ. 

Shout hallelujah!!

Sickness leaves your body right now. 


You said nobody cares for me, let me tell you, he cares for you. How do you know? He cares for you, you're not alone. Philippians 1:6; 4:19. John 6:37. God cannot abandon you; he will complete his work in you, he will supply all your needs, you're secure in his hands. ChurchGist. He said if I number the stars in the air, you're too precious. He cares for you and if you know he cares for you, stop panicking, why are you thinking of what you will eat tomorrow, he cares for you too much, you should know that thinking of your food tomorrow is a lack of faith. 

That is why we are laying the foundation today, he cares for me, why must I think of the food I will eat tomorrow. Thinking of what to eat tomorrow is lack of faith. Every time I am asked something, my reply is that God will supply. ChurchGist. Even when I don't have it, my faith is too strong, he will provide. Most times when people ask me something, I may not have it physically but I tell them don't worry, it will come. I have too much faith to know that God can't abandon me. He cares for me, he cares for you, stop thinking about what you will eat tomorrow. 

You care so much about your children’s school fees, what makes you feel that God will not care about you. Say with me: He cares for me. Tell your neighbour God cares for you, stop panicking, stop shaking, tell yourself no shaking, my God cares for me. He ever cares for me. 


If you think nobody knows you, God does, I will show you from scripture, he knows you, before your parents named you, he knew you. Romans 8:29. He had the pre knowledge of you before you were born. From this day because God knows you, anywhere you and I go, we will come out first. 2nd Timothy 2:19. He knows his people. ChurchGist. God knows me. If nobody knows you, God knows you. I am known by God. 

Please never look at your life and say that nobody knows you. My friend God knows you and if God knows you, that is the highest, he watches out for you. From the beginning of your life till your time is over, he watches over you. 


1st Peter 1:18. You're not redeemed with things that can be corrupted. You're not redeemed with just anything, you're redeemed with the Blood of Jesus. Titus 2:14. I am redeemed. Who am I in Christ? Who are you in Christ? I am redeemed. ChurchGist. Hebrews 9:12. We have been redeemed by the blood. Let me say this to you: it is your strong identification with Christ that will produce a strong faith. This is the foundation for a faith filled lifestyle, if you know this your faith life will be strong. Then, tomorrow we can begin to teach on faith, if this foundation is not there and they keep on telling you about faith and you don't know about who you're I can tell you that you will still shake, because even if they say if thou can believe, all things are possible to him that believeth, after a while you will say but nobody loves me. Look at how they are all attacking me, nobody loves me. You ask yourself who knows you? Nobody knows me. But now you know that God knows you, He loves you, He chose you.








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