A lot of nonsense infiltrating the gospel film industry.

No matter the story line, we have the image of Christ to protect, we have a standard na.

How can you hide under the shadow of 'I'm a gospel film producer' and you're producing movies where your actors who are supposedly singles and even married kiss voraciously-Sensitizing fornication vividly, promote indecent dressing, etc.

How is that 'the gospel' represented? How's Chrstlikeness represented in such morally condescending movies?

Kids can't even see Christian films these days. 

We can't bend to fit into the  standards of this world. No. The world should bend to ours. That's the NORM.

Tyler Perry and Laju Iren really disappointed me... I love them, but these new movies of theirs is a No No! Not to disrespect anybody though. (I Called them out with my full chest)

To think that Tyler perry granted an interview in this light and his defense was 'we couldn't reach more people and make more money, the world is evolving, etc'. 

The core purpose of this industry transcends beyond money, Christ revealed should tickle every fibre of our acts in writing, producing and eventually filming.

This is why MOUNT ZION MOVIES will hold this banner for a long time. All of their years and experiences in this industry, yet no single record of indecency or immorality in their films, yet we feel all of their messages.

Brings me to a question, are you really sure that Christ is your message or you just want to 'use' GOD.??

My prayer is that God won't look at any of us one day and REGRET the fame and influence He gave us. 


© Hallmark Amy-zaarah Egovyn

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