I'm teaching this hoping you will understand how the economy of God makes it's supply for marriage. 

One of my favourite things about God is how it makes provision for the journey in your willingness to obey and walk with Him. 

Ooooohhh I'm blessed I tell you. I'm so blessed. All the things that wanted to make me give up on marrying my wife, today they don't exist. None of them exist. All the fears and all the 'what IF'S', none of them exist. Slowly, all the hidden and the physical things I desired in a woman that I couldn't see back then, are all shining bright before me each day like a diamond. 

What did God do?

He enveloped my desires in my obedience to walk with Him.

Beautiful God. 

This is why the Scripture "seek first the kingdom and every other thing will be added unto you" is so real to me. Too real.

Today we are walking with God one instruction at a time, knowing that there is provision enveloped in our obedience, because we have a testimony. 

This season, can I advice you to cast all your cares on the God-projection?

By this I mean, for as long as you have checked, and tested, and prayed, and you are sure that the Godly standards expected of a spouse has been satisfied by that person, you can be safe to project the growth level that God is going to take them through in a short time. 

It's called the God-projection.

Trusting God to reveal the hidden treasures He has deposited in your partner. 

Things are going to be fine, trust me. But first you have to understand that God uses our obedience to release His treasures.




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