Listen, an attack on your prayer life is a real attack 🔥🔥🔥 - Apostle Joshua Selman 

listen very carefully it's an attack on your priesthood, it's not just an attack on your spirituality it's an attack on your priesthood. 

The devil can be hiding around your finances, hiding around your family, it will take fire upon that wood to reveal the Viper it's God speaking to us?

When believers do not understand this idea of the priesthood they become weak, they continue to hope that things will happen they continue to write down prophecies, they continue to just mesmerize around prophecies and the Word of God and it never gains ground. Men ought to pray and not to faint it is priesthood when you pray.

I need assistance from a realm and a dimension that is higher than the three-dimensional realm and you are able to call upon God.  Jeremiah 33 and verse 3 says : call unto me and I will answer not I will come I will answer in response to your call then I Will show you great and mighty things that you do not. 

When you pray things begins to shift in your life. 

You will never be able to walk in the experience of Dominion when you do not have a track record of Prayer

The word of a king has power the Bible tells you. No sir people don't just think about people. The Spirit of God is moving in honor to your priesthood and now he's causing someone who has forgotten you three years five years. 

Let me tell you, when you understand priesthood your life becomes a miracle and they wonder first to you and then to those who see you because physically looking at you, you will not add up but you will operate by a mystery that will continue to scare people that men will glorify God in you not just for you not just to you you have become an expansion of spiritual possibilities that vetos your background, vetos anything that is supposedly a disadvantage.

And we will never settle for less we know there's more that's found in you. It's in you lord we know that's more than found in you.

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